We find ourselves on the planet Khleur, a mystical place where those who wish can study magic in one of the sects that specialise in those matters. The practice of magic isn't an easy endeavor. Most people need the aid of artefacts, potions or instruments to work magic. But as the average lifespan is 150 years, it's inhabitants have a lot of time to devote to study and growth. 
The different sects take on a role similar to religion, where people who study the art of magic go from initiate to acolyte to monk to priest, each level growing more powerful. There are currently 15 different sects on the planet: 

The holy triangle of RED: devoted to the study of fire.
The circle of ORANGE: devoted to the study of mental psy powers.
The spark of YELLOW: devoted to the study of electricity.
The mantle of CHARTREUSE: devoted to the study of life.
the leaf of GREEN: devoted to the study of plants and herbs.
the wave of AQUA: devoted to the study of water.
the square of BLUE: devoted to the study of the wind.
the crystal of INDIGO: devoted to the study of ice.
the facets of PURPLE: devoted to the study of precognition and dreams.
the curtain of PINK: devoted to the study of mind control.
the line of the BROWN: devoted to the study of the earth.
the ray of WHITE: devoted to the study of light.
the cloak of GREY: devoted to the study of shadows and illusion.
the depth of NIGHT: devoted to the study of necromancy.
the METALLIC faction: devoted to the study of armor, shields and barriers.

The students and teachers of the sects will sometimes venture into the world to spread their gospel, to work their magic in service of the people or to go on a journey to reach a higher level of enlightenment. They might go alone or join a group of other traveling magicians as the mingling of the different sects is greatly promoted. After all, one can learn a lot by broadening ones viewpoint and each of the sects has some valued theorems that help in the mastery of magic. 
The world of Khleur is varied. There are cities, towns and villages. Roads can be small or large but are generally safe, especially for the magicians. In between settlements are mountains, rivers, forests, fields and even the odd desert area. While on their travels the magicians work magic to receive payment. They will gladly be offered shelter by the locals and will be asked to teach their wisdom. A travelling acolyte isn't allowed the deny these requests and will often be sidetracked on their travels which is why a lot of them seek solitude in the more remote regions. But staying in a large city also has it's perks. 
The stories below will usually tell of such individuals that are out in the world. 

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