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Name: Usuiro
Gender: Male
RaceHalf Elf 
Magic AffinityLight
Artefact: Wand

Looks: Usuiro has a pale skintone, white shoulder-length hair and grey eyes. As he often wears white, he looks sickly to some people but though he is tall and thin, he is far from weak. Though he is quite noticeable, Usuiro has a way of disappearing in a crowd. Nobody knows how he does it, some joke that he bends light around him but it's more a skill of slouching and diminishing his presence.
Personality: Usuiro is enigmatic to those who just meet him. He often doesn't finish his sentences or turns to another thought mid-sentence. This is a sign of his overactive mind that is always trying to keep many different things in consideration. He is a divergent thinker and has a huge difficulty making a definite choice.
     *Can create a little orb of light at the tip of his wand. In theory he can detach it but he prefers to take his source of light with him.
     *Can influence the quality of light in small ways (change colour or intensity but not both at the same time)

Hobbies: Collecting items to spread light (candelabras, votives, scented or decorated candles,...)

Family: Usuiro has been travelling for quite a while. As a light mage he has mostly been stationed near the mountains. Some of his peers use their powers to illuminate cities or castles but Usuiro much prefers rural life.
Bond: ??? from Nidus Asteri (Empyrean Stair)
Pets: --




Lantessama Isle