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Name: Bekkou
Gender: Male
Age: 56
Race: Human
Magic Affinity: Psychic powers
Artefact: Staff of origins

Looks: Bekkou is an imposing man, almost as wide as he is tall with broad shoulders and an elaborate beard. His hair is brown and his eyes are a lighter amber. He has bushy eyebrows, a wide nose and a pointed chin he hides behind his beard. Bekkou likes to wear bright, vibrant colours. 
Personality: Bekkou is a social person. He can usually be found in crowded rooms and in large group of people discussing. He's been a teacher for the Circle of Orange for 2 decades. He likes the job but strikes fear into his pupils since he can be quite irritable when they don't catch on quick enough. Bekkou is an established master psy user and has mastered quite a few powers. He is an open-minded person who will not judge others but he also has no qualms to use them for his own purposes. 
  *Foresight: good intuitive powers and the odd vision about an imminent event
  *Location sense: never loses an object
  *Inspire: make people work hard (very abusable)
  *Telekinesis: move objects with the power of the mind 
  *Shield: protective barrier around caster
Hobbies: Bekkou likes to study and often stays indoors.

Family: Bekkou has a wife, 5 children and a large extended family with brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. Both his parents are alive and well. 
Pets: Midnight-winged, twin-tailed Beige Rukel Kikko (f) from Darkling Dawn
Bond: ?? from Clan Vecira (Joint between Clan Akelara and the Vella Crean)



Lantessama Isle