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Name: Tankou
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Race: Half-Elf
Magic Affinity: Mind Control
Artefact: Jewelled Staff

Looks: Tankou has a dark complexion, dark brown hair he keeps in short dreads combed back from his forehead, brown eyes, a straight nose and full lips. His chin and pointed ears give his entire face a pointy aspect. He is a tall and slender man and because of his heritage he doesn't look his age. Most people have a problem telling his gender at first glance, but his deep voice usually settles that problem. 
Personality: Tankou is a cheerful man with a sunny disposition and an even temper. There is little that can disturb him. He's not a very active man, usually preferring to sit and think before he tackles a problem. In fact, he would prefer not to worry at all and just let the world run it's course. Tankou will adjust to whatever cards he's dealt. 
Skills: Acceptance and the release of trauma.
Hobbies: Tankou generally likes to socialise and play (board)games.

Family: Tankou comes from a long line of healers that reside in several sects. Most of them have taken up the mantle of Chartreuse or have joined the herbal Sect of Green, but some, like Tankou, have devoted themselves to the study of mental health and ways to cure people of trauma, grief and loss. 
Pets: Pink Fire Drachi Mia (f) from Xidaver
Bond: Blue Feronith (m) from Dawn Watch Weyr

ARRIVAL at Dawn Watch Weyr
Tankou couldn't help but send a thread of magic to look in the dragonrider's mind. He wouldn't normally do this, but then he was entrusting the man with his future. Sovyl however wasn't really focusing on Tankou's future but had definite aspirations of being in Asagi's near future. Tankou nearly lost his connection as he chuckled.
"We're taking you to our home planet." the Amber dragon suddenly popped into Tankou's mind.
"And where is that?" Tankou inquired, happy to get some answers at least.
"Pern. Though we're taking you to a place further in time from where I was hatched."
Tankou got a lot more information from that last thought than the words alone. He gathered from the dragon that he'd once been blue and liked being a bolder colour to suit his rider's temperament. And also that there had been some kind of rift between the dragon's hatching time and the time they were headed for, something that had made the world different.
But that didn't matter much to Tankou as he fully intended to return to his own world after he impressed. He had a job after all. But all this talk about flying to a certain time was reassuring that he'd not be gone for too long. Khleur magician's lived a long time so one or two years were nothing to fret about if the opportunity for further education and development presented itself.
It didn't take long at all for them to reappear above a mountain side. The sea was close by as was a decent-sized city that lay between the Weyr and the sea. Tankou's stomach flipped as Aviath descended quickly to land on the appropriate flat area that had a lot of traffic. As they dismounted, Sovyl asked Tankou to stay near Aviath while he went to talk to someone in command. 
That gave Tankou time to look around and get a feel for the place. It was lively, with a lot of people and dragons. As he skimmed the thoughts floating around he picked up some loss, some depression and a lot of determination. Tankou was certain he'd be able to work here while he waited for the clutch to hatch but was surprised when Sovyl returned and handed him a sheet of paper with a schedule on it.
"They're pretty strict here but I doubt you'll have any problems. None of the work is hard and it will prepare you for raising your own dragon."
"I guess I can work with this." Tankou shrugged. It might not be so bad to get some physical exercise. 
"I'll come get you later so I can show you the way back to where I got you." Sovyl promised and then he and Aviath left again, leaving Tankou to be taken to the candidate quarters by the resident staff.

The day was dawning bright and clear when Chelth mentally nudged the blue who was guarding the main entrance to the sands, and a voice then rang out to all who could hear him, calling "The eggs are hatching! Candidates come to the sands"
In a corner of the sands, a curtain of dark material shielded where Copper Kaemalsik's clutch lay, protecting the young wher from both prying eyes and the growing light of the sun. More than one candidate glanced at the spot curiously, only to be turned away by a sharp word from the candidate master. J'ack would be having no funny business happening today, and the wher dam and her eggs would be left alone. Green Dianath, his dragon, settled herself onto the sands between Chelth's clutch and Kaemalisk's, an added layer of protection from both humans and wandering hatchlings.
Tankou, an early riser was ready front and center when the summons had been made. While he might just be standing still, his mind was working overtime, and for him that was saying a lot. The barrage of feelings swirling around the cave was quite distracting. He felt the excitement of the spectators, the nerves of the candidates and the worry of J'ack. Though Tankou picked up the humans' feelings easiest, he still picked up echoes from the dragons and the wher. Drachi was hiding in his shirt and he took the time to shield his mind from unnecessary commotion.
The last of the candidates had barely made it onto the sands, hair mussed and still rubbing sleep from their eyes, when the first egg cracked open, unceremoniously dumping a dark coloured brown onto the sands. He appeared perfectly normal, right up until he sneezed so hard his whole body shook, and bright droplets hit the sands, sizzling there.
The clutch' sire quickly did some damage control by neutralising the acid and the brown quickly scampered off, weaving among the gathered candidates while he looked for the person right for him. Meanwhile two more eggs, the very largest and the very smallest, shuddered, cracked, and then gave way, spilling their contents onto the sands.
The largest egg had yielded a bronze who eyed all the candidates with a slightly disdainful expression, before getting to his feet and walking directly to one who stood at the front of the group and bonded. 
Meanwhile, the first hatched brown had been distracted in his quest by his other sibling, a small pale coloured creature who was not at all like himself or his brother. Her hide was not smooth but pebbled with small scales, her nose bore a small horn, which she had used to help herself escape her egg, and a pair of frills adorned the sides of her head. However, just like him, her first reaction to the world was to sneeze at it, abruptly turning a shockingly bright pink before reverting to the neutral pallet of pale greys she had started as. The brown greeted her with a pleased sound and they walked together a while, before the brown bonded. 
The scaled hatchling continued on a few steps before she stopped beside a different young woman. Her scales slowly shifted through the same rainbows as her eyes, before settling once more back to neutral tones.
In the centre of the clutch, three eggs sitting near to each other, each rocking frantically as their occupant struggled to escape, came together with a loud crack. The shells crumpled at the point of connection, spilling a blue, and two more of the scaled hatchlings onto the sands. The little blue was the first to get to his feet, crooning worriedly as he nosed his siblings.
"I am fine Feronith." The smaller one said, her scales shifting into a violet hue to reflect her brother's worry. She turned to nose the third hatchling, who huffed at her. "Nelduth is fine too." The hatchling sounded amused.
Despite the reassurances, the blue remained near his siblings, waiting until they got to their feet and began moving towards the candidates before racing off. He seemed to know exactly where he wanted to go, weaving in, around and in some cases between the legs of the various candidates between him and his goal. 
"Tankou!" He called as he came to a stop before the tall half-elf. "I'm Feronith! When do I get to meet your friends?"

Title: The Beating Heart Blue Feronith (feh-roh-nith) 
Type: Pernese Dragon 
Colours: #304697 | #6B7EC0 
Size: 27ft 
Personality: Gentle | Comforting | Positive | Affectionate 
Colour Shift Markings - The only visible sign of Feronith's Rainwing heritage, are the way some of his markings shift between colours to match his emotions.

Tankou smiled as Feronith snuck away from formations training by utilising his colour-shifting abilities to the fullest. His markings turned the black of deep sorrow as the dragon tried too vanish into the shadows. Tankou smoothed out the thoughts of the few that did notice and made his own quiet retreat from the dreaded practice.
Tankou didn't believe in fighting and being a person who could - if he wanted to - influence others made battle tactic exercises pretty pointless. 
"I'm out." Feronith smiled, showing a flash of yellow in Tankou's mind.
"Same." Tankou flashed back.
"Why do they insist on these exercises even after we graduated?" Feronith sighed.
"In all honesty, we could leave, there is nothing that's keeping us here but your ties to your birthplace." Tankou quietly offered.
"I did say I wanted to meet your friends."
"I don't even know if they're back yet, Feni." Tankou said, using the little nickname he'd used in their private conversations.
"There's only one way to find out. And visiting your world and maybe the places your friends have been sounds like a great adventure."
"I probably should get back to my post as well."
"We could go travel on your days off? Being on my friend list means you don't have to worry about travelling time."
"You are a huge convenience." Tankou grinned and sent some love with that message so Feronith knew he was so much more.
"I could probably work for your order as well." Feronith said, an idea forming in his mind, "You could call it dragon therapy."
"That does sound inviting though maybe not as much for people who don't know dragons are real."
"Think of all the dragonriders we could help."
"You do have a point. Let's head back to Khleur first and then I'll work out a schedule with my order."
"I hope they let us."
"They have little choice really, that is if they want me to stay on the planet."

Lantessama Isle