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Name: Heki
Gender: Non Binary (mostly female)
Age: 25
Race: Human
Magic Affinity: Greenery
Instrument: Bagpipes

Looks: Heki is manly for a woman. She has broad shoulders and a masculine face with a strong jaw and brow. She keeps her long, black hair tied in an elaborate fashion and likes to wear long, flowy gowns. All in all, people need to check twice to guess her gender.
Personality: Heki is shy. Because she looked more like a boy growing up, she didn't fit in with the girls, but she didn't share many interests with the boys either meaning she often sought adult company. Still, she never really trusted the adults either and it takes a long time to earn her trust (bordering on paranoia). She has a vivid imagination and the disorderly style of a bohemian artist. She can be completely swallowed up by a project and forget about everything else. She has an undependable reputation. 
Skills: Can make plants grow or wither with her tunes.
Hobbies: Music. 

Family: Heki never felt at home in the halls of Order of Greenery, but it is still her home and she thinks of all of them as her family... just family she'd like to only see on the holidays. 
Pets: --
Bond: ?? from Clan Vecira (Joint between Clan Akelara and the Vella Crean)



Lantessama Isle