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Name: Asagi
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Race: Human
Magic Affinity: Water
Instrument: Pan Flute

Looks: Asagi has a dark complexion, an unruly mob of black frizzy hair, dark eyes, a straight nose and full lips. She is tall for a woman and though it's not that obvious, she does have quite a bit of muscle from all the walking and travelling she's been doing. She likes to wear green and blue clothes with wavy patterns because it makes it easier for people to know which sect she belongs to which in turn makes her work that much easier.
Personality: Asagi enjoys her solitude. She likes being on the road with just herself for company, but she won't turn down people that want to travel with her. She is diligent and friendly if a little distant, which means most people are very happy with her work but won't insist on her staying for too long.  
Skills: Asagi can influence water with her melodies. She can induce rain, influence sea currents or drain patches of drenched land. 
Hobbies: Asagi is all about seeing the world. 

Family: Asagi's entire family belong to the sect of the Wave, most in her generation are travelling while her parents and older relatives are working at the temple or taking jobs based on their reputations. Asagi's mother guards the library, her father is often asked to help with big landscaping projects. 
Pets: Yellow-Green-Blue Dragonder Nori (m)
Bond: Lapis Lazuli Lauw (m) from Lantessama Isle

Sovyl directed Aviath toward the plains in front of three mountains. The wind was a bit chilly, but other than that the island was green and welcoming. Asagi greatly appreciated the ocean all around. They touched down and Sovyl helped her get down.
"This is my home." he admitted, "and it's a great place."
"I'll take your word for it."
"Let me show you around, and we can maybe, have that dinner?"

It was a bit early still, but Dusky Green Darainth, with her ever-present know-it-all attitude insisted the candidates were to be summoned. Half an hour later the candidates filed in and saw that none of the eggs were even rocking yet. Relaxed and a bit worried about how long they'd have to wait, the crowd mingled. Thola and Teket, two orphans that had come from Dragonhope were talking to the Pernese holder Sheridan from Big Bay Hold. They were soon joined by the two Meowth shifters Reva and Ammon Felinus. Talk shifted to business, leaving Ammon and Teket to be left out and start a conversation on their own about gam(bl)ing. A short ways off Asagi, a water mage from Khleur was chatting with the Kynnese party of shifters. Xenze, canine ears and tail lifted in an attentive position was eating some sandwhiches politely replied to Asagi's questions about Kynn places. Kanon and Garnet had asked the water mage a lot of questions about Khleur so Xenze felt like they should answer some of hers as well. To the side, the last candidate, a runic warrior by the name of Jerick, kept to himself. He was the gloomy sort and though some had tried, no-one had gotten the dagger-wielding man to open up.
Half an hour again had passed when finally someone noticed a tremor emanating from the eggs. As the day passed into evening the dragons took up the chant to encourage the hatchlings to break free. All conversation ceased and the attention shifted to the eggs. The first to hatch was a bright green male that was very eager to bond. 
Spurned on by the first, the eggs started to quake with more vigour. Two adjacent eggs shattered with the added tremors and out fell two dragons. Both were blue but one was the clear blue of gletsjer water while the other was the deep blue of a starry sky. The darker blue Lapis Lazuli male got to his feet first and ran razor-straight to Asagi.
"I want to see this world of yours." the dragon said, "My name is Lauwdanomriforith, but you can call me Lauw."

In the end Asagi had humoured Sovyl to join him for diner on several occasions. But no matter how hard he tried, her mind had strayed to a certain wind mage that was waiting to bond on another world. As Lauw grew from the cute hatchling into a large, strong dragon, Asagi felt the familiar pull that told her it was time to go. 
"Whereto?" Lauw asked, his ever-present touch light and gentle but eager to leave as well.
"Toward Kyanos Weyr." Asagi grinned, "It's time to get Sei for I believe Sovyl has conveniently forgotten all about him."

Lantessama Isle