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Name: Nadeshiko
Gender: Female
RaceHalf Elf
Magic Affinitynarcotic melodies
Instrument: Oboe, pipe

Looks: Nadeshiko is a short young woman on the chubbier side. She has a round head, a straight, somewhat flat nose and small pointy ears. Her long black hair is often elaborately styled with many loops, tails and/or braids. Nadeshiko has grey eyes and a demure and soft way of acting that puts people at ease. She enjoys wearing the colour of the sect she belongs to, the Curtain of Pink.
Personality: Nadeshiko comes across as gentle and demure. She knows her place well and is very aware of the way people are generally wary of her sect. As such all members are taught to always be on their best behaviour. Nadeshiko has her opinions but she often doesn't share them with others. She is however very certain of the benefit her powers offer to surgeons, both those with magic and the ones without. When she is working, she is both efficient and responsible.
     *Can influence a person's mood with her melodies. She uses this mostly in a medical setting (hypnotism and narcotics during surgery).
     *Can play in such a way that it only influences those she wants to subdue.
Hobbies: practicing her music (although the mind-altering properties of her music poses some problems), watching her bunnies play.

Family: Nadeshiko's mother is also a member of the Curtain of Pink, her father was a wandering monk of the Facets of Purple. He died when she was still a babe so Nadeshiko doesn't have many memories of him. She joined her mother on her travels/missions and was home schooled along the way.
Bond: ??? from Nidus Asteri (Empyrean Stair)
Pets: Keeps a couple of bunnies after she was given them as payment for a job (images from Gineya Isle).




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