Name: Shion
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Race: Human
Magic Affinity: Precognition and Dreams
Artefact: Staff

Looks: Shion is a heavyset, curvy woman with curly black hair, amber eyes, a wide nose and full lips. She often pulls up one side of her mouth, giving her a defiant, smirking expression. Shion likes to wear wraps and robes that contain her shape even though they impair her movement somewhat. She's never been all that physical a person so she doesn't mind walking slowly ;-)
Personality: Shion does not really like her power as it can be a pain. She has gotten quite good at controlling it. Only the big premonitions get through without warning. Smaller ones she allows to come through while she meditates. Shion is a very relaxed person who does not worry. Things will happen, if she's lucky she might get warned. She is rather lazy and does not like physical exertion. Mental exertion is fine on the other hand. 
Skills: Gets flashes of precognition and can somewhat control the ability, can share dreams when she focuses. 
Hobbies: eating gourmet food, intense political debates

Family: Shion's father married a widow with a child. Her slightly older half sister Zouge is a light mage. 
PetsLyrian Air Nathala Trance (f)
Bond: Crystal Iris from Ryslen (Flurry 2023)

“It’s time” came the telepathic call to any who would hear it.
Candidates, spectators and officials all hurried to the designated place in the Drift. The drak mothers still had their wings screening their eggs from view, and dozens of the hundred or more visible eggs were rocking where they sat, the little dragons within working on the double to out and find their One. Though not all of these would need to bond to survive.
Eggs hatched one after the other, the resulting hatchlings showcasing a myriad of features, colours and patterns, though with the expected white and snowflakes being the most abundant. Trying to follow the hatchlings soon became impossible as they mixed with the novos.
An egg rocked dramatically and then split with unnecessary theatrics. From the egg rose a silvery noodle of a hatchling with an indigo-purple underbelly and wingsails. They had a brush of fuzzy mane in the same colour. They flicked their long ears and looked around, then leapt neatly out of the shell and headed towards their chosen. Taking their time, plenty of people and dragons bonded while the crystal Glenn-hybrid — the silvery one with the purple belly and wingsails - continued on her trek across the sands, clearly now headed for a lovely full-figured novo.
‘Shion, I am Iris.’

Name: Iris
Colour: Crystal
Gender: Female
Species: Glenn-Asandus (Piralan/Askan)
Parents: Decolo & Setsuna
Origin: Ryslen Flurry 2021-2023
Size: 11 feet at the shoulder
Personality: They are peaceful and quiet.
Likes: crystals, bright light and the sun, places of high magical power.
  * Telepathic Speech
  * Verbal Speech
  * Teleportation (self)
  * Breath Weapon: Acid
  * Full Shifting: Can shift into a fully human shape, but retains the coloration of their dragon form.
  * Avengaean Functional Magic
  * Glenn Color Specific Power: Precognition
Note: Snowflakes CAN inherit from these dragons as their mother had non-flurry snowflake markings.

Shion had wanted to go back to Khleur. She really had. Only, she seemed to be able to cope better with her premonitions at places far away from her home and duties. And then there was the constant encouragement from her new bond to go look for interesting places together:
"I've heard there's this place with a waterfall that flows upwards." Iris suggested.
"And there's talk that a reindeer gathering will take place. I here those are magical events to witness."
And so the list went on and on... and got ever more appealing to the young dream mage. All the ins and outs of Nexus politics were interesting too. Shion felt like a small fish who'd just ventured into a big sea of friendly people and endless possibilities. And she started to crave more.
"Who would miss me anyway, right?" she said.
"We can always visit for the holidays!" Iris agreed, "Let's go explore!"


Lantessama Isle