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Name: Seiran
Gender: Male
Age: 65
Race: Human
Magic Affinity: Ice
Artefact: Crystal-tipped wand

Looks: Seiran has a strong build with muscled arms and legs. His dark brown hair doesn't show signs of greying and that might take a while yet. He has dark brown eyes, a distinct nose, a small mouth and large ears. He has a small beard he ties below his chin. He likes to keep in shape and can often be found running or lifting weights. 
Personality: Seiran is a loving man who trusts others to do what is right. He gives out second and third chances and goes the extra mile to insure his students make it in life. Despite his magical ability he isn't cold or uncaring at all. He is known as an approachable teacher who will give out sound advice but not someone who will do your work for you. 
Skills: Seiran prefers to use his magic for advancing living conditions. Think refrigerating, preservation and air conditioning. 
Hobbies: Seiran enjoys to go sailing.

Family: Seiran grew up in family where everyone pursued their own interests and didn't show much interest in each other. Maybe it's because of that upbringing that he himself likes to stay more in touch with his family while still encouraging the freedom of choice. He met his wife Kimi and fell in love instantly. Together they have one son, Sei
Pets: Wind Faerie Drak Savella (f) from Acicade Castle



Lantessama Isle