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Name: Sumi
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Race: Half-elf
Magic Affinity: Death
Artefact: Ink

Looks: Sumi is a slender young woman with long black hair and piercing purple eyes. She has a dark skin, a wide nose and high cheekbones. She doesn't like to stick out and usually wears practical black clothes.
Personality: Sumi is reserved and disciplined. She lives for her studies and is often called dull by her fellow worshipers of the Depth of Night. She has a mild and gentle demeanour, almost never raising her voice but she will speak her honest feelings, sometimes not understanding why people take offence in that. She is logical and has almost no imagination. That also means there isn't much that scares her, the only things that can make her nervous are deadlines and tests. 
Skills: Has the power to see spirits and talk to them. If she wanted to she could also put them in a vessel (read: body of unsuspecting person).
Hobbies: Sumi is an indoors kind of girl who likes reading, writing and studying. 

Family: Sumi was born to a large family with affinity for necromancy. She was taught to be responsible from a young age. 
Pets: Butterfly-winged Blue Rukel Shihou (m) from Darkling Dawn
Bond: ?? from Clan Vecira (Joint between Clan Akelara and the Vella Crean)



Lantessama Isle