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Name: Sei
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Race: Human (1/4th Elf to be exact)
Magic Affinity: Wind
Artefact: Bottled essence of wind

Looks: Sei is a tall man with a light tanned complexion, wavy brown hair, a well-trimmed beard and moustache, a wide nose and caramel-coloured eyes. His skin is weathered from working on ships a lot. He's in the prime of his life and, looking at his family, will have at least 30 years of pinnacle strength before he will slowly start to age.
Personality: Sei is a stoic man. He doesn't argue, doesn't waste time on useless talk, he just does his work and if he feels your idea is bad he'll make sure at least his part in the work gets done properly. If he likes you, he'll save your ass when yours doesn't work out. He's a dependable man and a team-player. 
Skills: Sei's captured essence of wind allows him to control the wind currents.
Hobbies: Sei isn't a social person, he enjoys reading or fishing on his own.

Family: Sei's family is spread over the sects as his family encourages finding your optimal element by individual study. Sei's father Seiran is an Ice magician and his mother Kimi is a magician who controls electricity. He is an only son as his parents were often busy with work. He was raised in the sect or sometimes joined one of his parents on their travels. 
Pets: None. 
Bond: Fae-touched Purple Meranlath (f) from Planet Kynn (Empyrean Stair, Kyanos Weyr)

Sei was dropped off at the most intricately disorienting place he could have imagine. Water ran both upwards and down, and buildings were layered in three levels. Directly below them was a large city with spiralling towers. The roads ran freely between the buildings and frequent archways gave the city an elegant look. 
But Sovyl directed Aviath up to the floating islands that sported their own habitation and people. 
"Welcome to Ouranos." Sovyl said, "And good luck. I'll come back for you after the clutch has hatched."
And away he was. Great. 

It had been some time since there had been so many travellers in Kyanos Weyr, so where previous hatchings had been traditional affairs, this one was almost more of a party. Individuals traded stories, networked, made friends (or enemies). There was good food and good drink (even for those not yet of age), though all care was taken among candidates to absolutely not get inebriated before the event could truly start.
When some of them caught the sounds of humming, and the Kyanos riders confirmed it, no one was caught dallying on the way to the sands, where the slate-gray Ebeldath was curled protectively around her eggs.
Over the past weeks, candidates might have spotted little fluttering things here and there, all colours of the rainbow, dancing about the eggs, leaving sparkles in their wake...
The first shell cracking open gave a glimpse to the attendees of just what that light coating of glitter on the eggs really meant - a surprising rainbow riot of colors streaked across hatchling hides, shimmering in the light. A few comments flittered here and there, about faeries, and yet, no one was really surprised. Locally, it was considered good fortune to be touched by one of the fae. And even if it wasn’t, there was hardly anything to be done about it now.
Eggs cracked more and more, now causing noses and claws and wings to show, and on occasion, roll out the newborns. Kyanos had seen changes in the norm of their dragons’ colours over many years, but these little ones had all manner of bright rainbows involved.
And then hatchlings started being hatchlings, popping up here and there, butting heads with each other, scenting out all the people around, and mentally poking a bit, to make their decisions.
"Can I keep you?" One of the purples looked up at Sei from the ground, watching him carefully. 
"I promise I will do my very best for you. You can call me Meranlath."

Name: Meranlath 
Gender: Female 
Parents: Slate Ebeldath & Bronze Vonmarth
Coloration: Fae-Touched Purple 
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation (w/ Sparkles), Fire Breath 
Personality: Observant, Innovative, Shy

Sei looked up as Meranlath flew by in the sky. He still felt the wonder of seeing the once tiny purple dragon soar so majestically in the sky. They'd been at Kyanos for a while now as travel with small dragons was something risky. Most dragonriders waited until their dragons were old enough to make the journey by themselves before they returned to their homes. By that time some would probably not make the trip altogether as they'd made a home at the Weyr they impressed at. But Sei had other plans. He had strong ties binding him to Khleur. His parents, his duty and not in the least, a certain frizzy-haired water magician that haunted his dreams with her smile. 
There was just one problem. He had no clue where she was. Sovyl hadn't disclosed where he'd taken her. Neither did Sei know if she had already impressed or not. He didn't even know how to get back to Khleur as no-one on the Empyrean Stair knew where it was. So he was in essence stuck to wait until Sovyl made good on his promise and returned to get him. And that was a bad bet at best.
Meranlath's present in his mind intensified. As usual she knew instantly when he was brooding and tried to be there for him. She was an observant dragon, maybe because she was a bit shy and usually waited for others to invite her in. 
"You don't need to wait, dear Meranlath." Sei told her as he had many times before.
"I could try to get to her just by using your memories."
"But that's dangerous. I know you're fae-touched and all kinds of lucky, but I won't risk you getting hurt."
"We could always try to contact Sovyl's agency through the nexus."
"Do you think people would know where that is?"
"It's worth a shot." Meranlath insisted, "The nexus is big, but it's all connected, some places might know where he's from."
Sending gratitude through their bond, Sei turned around to head to the offices where he could make his inquiry when a curious sight caught his eye. A woman had just rounded a corner, appearing from behind some trees and every fibre of his body recognised her even if they hadn't seen each other in over a year.
At the same time she noticed him and waved, "Sei!" Asagi called.
"How did you get here?" Sei asked incredulously when he got close enough for a normal conversation that wouldn't involve shouting.
"I asked around where Sovyl had taken the others, and then Lauw got the coordinates so he could take me here."
"Lauw?" Sei asked, a bit uncertain about who this knew man in Asagi's life was.
"Don't be so quick to worry." Meranlath nudged his mind, already knowing what it implied and leaving her bond out of the loop so he could find out for himself.
"Sei, this is
Lauwdanomriforith, or Lauw for short." Asagi introduced her dark blue dragon with wings that seemed like the night sky.
"Oh." Sei said as the pieces of the puzzle clicked, "This is Meranlath." he responded, gesturing to the dark purple dragoness with rainbow-coloured wings as she landed behind him.
"She's beautiful." Asagi breathed, making Meranlath shy and turn away, only to meet the gaze of Lauw whose intense stare would have made her blush if she could. 
"Very beautiful." the Lapis Lazuli dragon commented. 

Lantessama Isle