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Name: Kimi
Gender: Female
Age: 78
Race: Half-Elf
Magic Affinity: Electricity
Artefact: Hammer

Looks: Kimi has long copper hair, grey eyes, a thin nose, full lips and a round face. Her pointy ears stand out from her face and are a clear indication that the elven blood in her veins is strong. Although she's a half-elf, she has the rich curves of a human woman and not the elegant androgynous looks of her father's race. 
Personality: Kimi is a serious woman. She's prone to worrying and can often be found triple-checking her work. After all, machines tend to falter after a little time in use. Her customer service is exceptional and she is in high demand which means she has some freedom to choose which requests she fulfils and which she delegates. She also mentors a few younger magicians at the temple. 
Skills: Creating magical machines, she uses her hammer to breathe magical energy in them so they can run.
Hobbies: Kimi's mind never rests and she's invented a lot of inane machines she keeps at home. 

Family: Kimi never knew her father and was raised by her mother so she felt more at home in the human society. She met her husband Seiran during a joint mission and though she's several years older than him and they're from quite opposing sects, the couple fell in love at first sight. They have one son, Sei, who they encouraged to find his own path in life. 
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