Raven impressed Black-Red Lightning Zapped 3- headed Corvosa 
at Cy Dragonstalke's Bipedra 2003

Cerces impressed Gold/Blue spotted 2-headed Rynix
at Cy Dragonstalke's Bipedra 2003

Mormont impressed Black Land Shadowling Lerion at Lantessama

Xander and Female Red Letisi at Cy Dragonstake

Ovianskina and Green Sulenth at Darkling Dawn

Liv and Orange Striped Orange Teranon at Cy Dragonstake

Merxes and Green Geharth at Darkling Dawn

Ilandra and Green Morith at Darkling Dawn 

Ryan and Bronze Lemath at Darkling Dawn

Figaro and Blue Reagorth at Darkling Dawn

Ivana and Blue Gawith at Darkling Dawn

Mechs and Topaz-winged Turquoise Ranghe at Lantessama 

Stevan and Turquoise-Emerald Undroth at Lantessama  

Ponte  and Beryl-spotted Iolite Jamilani at Lantessama 

Trevor and Sapphire Billurinth at Lantessama 

Lantessama Isle
Cy DragonStake  -   Darkling Dawn

Backgrounds compiled with images found on Google