Xander and female Red Letisi


Xander looked around the hatching sands and noticed his was the dubious honour of being the only male human. A whole bunch of girls was standing along him, be it that they at least didn't act girlish. 
The hatching started without much fuss, though there was a little turmoil about a miscount. How could you miscount eggs? Xander supposed you could since they were all round and creamy that you could miss a few.
A male red and a green hatched first, finding their bonds quickly in two of the 4 girls that had arrived only a few nights passed. Xander didn't much enjoy being around them since he thought they were spooky, but as he had learned before, Cy was big. He glanced at Liv and gave her a 'do well' smile to encourage her, but also himself.
The next dragon to hatch was another red, a female this time. To Xander's delight she headed his way. 
"It's alright that I'm a female right?" she asked nervously.
For a moment Xander pondered. It was true that people who bonded a dragon from the opposite gender traditionally were gay, but he sort of was gay, though not very openly. And in these times of strange mutations it happened even more to straight people. 
"It's perfectly fine that you are a female, in fact..." Maybe he would get that shot at Raven. Xander smiled at the thought, he doubted Raven would even enter a mating flight with his...
"Good! My name is Letisi!" 

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Lantessama Isle
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