Ivana and Gawith

Ivana felt torn apart. Her arms wanted to go up and her legs down. Her head seemed to be pulled sideways and her body wanted to twist in ways that were impossible. Screaming, she reappeared, falling.
By sheer force of will, Ivana was able to grab hold of a large tree branch that broke her fall though her arm- and shoulder muscles would be sore tomorrow. Dazed, she could hardly get her wits about her. 
"It's lucky when they just fall from the sky." someone said.
Looking up, trying to focus, Ivana saw a man in leather and behind him a wall of blue. A wall that seemed to be alive. When the dragon turned his eyes upon her, it was too much and she fainted.
"Let's get her back to Darkling Dawn and see how she fares."
"No problem." the dragon answered. 

Ivana walked into the hatching caverns, her head held high. Waking up in a world that was probably a lost colony, with people and dragons that had formed an alliance had felt like a fairytale. But she'd be damned if she'd break down. So she'd have to miss a couple of things. She'd make do with what she was offered. And she'd take this chance she'd been given with both hands. 
"Gawith." a voice suddenly said in her mind.
Ivana looked around and saw a blue hatchling standing in her vicinity. How odd, hadn't they told her that women tended to impress the female dragons? 
"You're mine. There is no undoing this bond." Gawith added.
"Oh I don't mind. Just wondering." Ivana shrugged.
Gawith stayed quiet. Somehow though, she knew he'd stick with her and that he would make certain they would create a place for themselves. Ivana liked the thought of that.

Name: Gawith
Race: Pernese Dragon
Gender: Male
Colour: Blue
Size: 25' long
Parents: Gold Mirheth x Bronze Atreyuth
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Assisted Firebreath
Personality: Fiercely protective of what is his, whether it's food, shinies, or people. He could just be greedy, or he could be deeply afraid of losing what's dear to him. Only his rider would likely ever know, because his short temper and gruff attitude makes him too difficult to get along with, so few bother.

Gawith played with a golden coin. The piece of metal was dwarfed by his claws, but still he managed to let it run across his claws with elegance. Ivana figured he must have seen her do it one time, or maybe he'd seen it in her memories. there'd been a time when all she cared about was money. In fact she still felt that money made the world go round. But safety and strength were equally important to keep the wealth you gathered.
"And a legacy to leave it to." Gawith breathed into her mind.
"Ah, but you can't really trust anyone with your shinies." Ivana added.
"True." Gawith said, "But leaving a few heirs about to help when times are dire might not be a bad idea. They just don't need to know about the shinies."
"Devious. But I thought this time would come." Ivana said.
She'd seen what happened at dragon flights and had not minded the way they were handled. Over the countless centuries people had left a lot of possibilities to handle the surge of emotions and Ivana had been propositioned before to stand in. It might be fun to actually be part of the action.
"You do know you'll probably have to amend your ways a bit." Ivana noted.
"Hmph, I'll just go as I am and let my wiles play the game."
"Fine with me."

Lantessama Isle
Cy DragonStake  -   Darkling Dawn

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