Merxes and Geharth

Merxes found himself standing in a large cavern with a multitude of eggs before him. A lot of people were standing, many more were sitting in a tribune of sorts at the edge of the cavern. But most noticeable was the large golden creature, dragon he amended, that was looking at him, her eyes whirling. Well she was looking over all the candidates. Merxes shifted a bit uncomfortably when he felt her gaze linger on him, somehow he got the thought that she knew him. But the moment passed and he kept on waiting.
Not knowing what to do, Merxes kept close tabs on the other people standing around him. Suddenly one of the eggs cracked open and a smaller version of the gold dragon spilled out. The small dragon got it's bearings and then found it's way to one of the waiting humans. They then proceeded to some tables at the side together. Seemed simple enough. 
Making a quick count Merxes noted that there were more people then eggs. So maybe he'd glide through unnoticed. He grinned at the uncharacteristic thought. He'd always prided himself into attracting the ladies. 
So maybe it wasn't unusual that he found himself the focus of a soft green hatchling. She'd waited a bit after hatching, getting her strength back and considering her options. Sure there were plenty of girls around. Sure they might make fine bonds. But something about this man drew her in. Maybe it was the way he seemed used to danger. Maybe it was the calm smile that belied his stressed feelings. Maybe she just fell for him at first sight.
"I'm Geharth." she told him, "You were meant to be here so it's okay."

Name: Geharth
Race: Pernese Dragon
Gender: Female
Colour: Green
Size: 20' long
Parents: Gold Yuneth x Brown Ujanforth
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Assisted Firebreath
Personality: mature, sensitive, and independent

Merxes had been suprised to find Ilandra and Ryan in the Weyr. And he was even more surprised to find out that they'd been there for several years and had dragon bonds of themselves that had already matured. He hadn't a clue what had gone wrong with the Telp or whether it was his Telp that had skipped ahead in time or Ryan's that had skipped back. It didn't actually matter. 
"That's right. It led you to me. As it was meant to be." Geharth purred.
"I know you feel that way." Merxes laughed, "But don't you want to have a partner of your own species? I can't exactly do all the things lovers do." Merxes said carefully.
He'd started to feel like he needed to relieve some particular energy with one of the women from his own species himself after Geharth had matured. He knew her hormones or whatever was driving a dragon had to be pushing her to mate.
"I have you." she insisted.
"It's not healthy to keep those needs bottled." Merxes chided her.
"Fine." she sulked. 
But deep inside she wondered if maybe she should find a mage that could make her human so she could stay with her bond. There was a story about that in her bond's mind. But it couldn't be true, right? Maybe for now she'd just do as he told and share her feelings on a different level. 

Lantessama Isle
Cy DragonStake  -   Darkling Dawn

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