Pedro and Reagorth

Pedro stepped into the hatching cavern, making certain to stay behind Ryan. They hadn't seen him all that long and he'd made certain to grow out his hair and beard and act as inconspicuous as possible. 
In the time he was here, Pedro had noticed that the people here acted trusting but they had quite a few defences in place to make certain that crime would be kept in check. That was disappointing. But his other talent had gotten him a decent extra income. He'd always liked playing the violin, it had gotten him the nickname "Figaro" after all, but he'd never tried making a living out of it before. Music was different here and apparently even just a decent musician was welcome in any town. 
"You're not thinking of letting this chance slip, are you?" a cold voice suddenly entered his mind.
Looking down, Pedro saw a blue hatchling with icy blue eyes stare up at him. A name trickled into his mind.
"I won't Reagorth. I just didn't know what would happen.
"You're mine now." the dragon supplied, laying a possessive claw on his leg.

Name: Reagorth
Race: Pernese Dragon
Gender: Male
Colour: Blue
Size: 28' long
Parents: Gold Yuneth x Brown-Bronze Halth
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Assisted Firebreath
Personality: demanding, cruel, and scared of large spaces

Pedro and Reagorth looked out over the Weyr. They were on guard duty. It was the ideal time to supplement their earnings with a bit of extras. Pedro was always careful not to leave traces of his extracurricular activities and he made certain to not target dragonriders or people of the Weyr. If any of the other dragons knew they were keeping quiet. The society here was simple like that. If it didn't bother anyone and no-one saw you then you were home free. 
For the rest of the time Pedro and Reagorth were an exemplary pair that did as they were told and functioned properly in their wing. Ryan knew he'd have to leave at one point. Maybe somewhere next year.
"How about we ask leave to chase some rising females and get to know the other Weyrs. That way we can pick out one that has enough traffic to keep us busy."
"That's a brilliant idea." Pedro grinned.

Lantessama Isle
Cy DragonStake  -   Darkling Dawn

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