Cerces and
Gold/Blue Spotted 2-headed Rynixa


Cerces was looking with eager eyes at the hatching hydras. Creatures like this would serve her motives well. No more endless flying with space ships, no more the uncertainty of teleporters she had come too know all too well. No, this was a full proof way of transportation along with the criminal mind she needed for her plans.
About a dozen hydras had hatched when two bipedras were having problems. One seemed to be trying to suck the blood of the other who wasn't giving in without a fight. Finally, the second kicked off the first and they both went their separate ways. 
The second hatchling was one of Icix's and she definitly showed it. She was very tall and lithe, serpentine and sinuous. She had only two heads but they seemed enough for this hatchling. She was colored a light blue with the leopard spots of her mother but a gold sheen covered each scale that made her sparkle and glitter. Only one was right for this hy-queen, Cerces.
"We will destroy all that stand in our way! I will take you off this planet and we can go back to business!"
"Yes, that sounds like a good plan, Rynixa" said the leader of the evil agency.


Cerces was packing. She had stayed on this evilly good planet long enough. She could almost feel the air being sucked out of her lungs, slowly suffocating her with every day she waited to get out of Cy. Besides there were people she had too find, people she had to let know that she was still alive and taking on jobs. Now more than ever.
"You will have to wait, rider mine."
"Why?" Cerces asked thinking her dragon was just trying to stay behind because it was after all her home world. But nothing could bind the truely wicked to a place, only money could.
"I have an event to attend before I can go away."
"The Bipedra."
"A flight? How ordinary for you my dear. I'd think you were above that."
"I'm not going for the flight, I'm going for the kill... Corvosa has entered and I know your feelings about that hydra and more so, about his bond." the hydra said with delight in her eyes as she recalled the hatred in Cerces' thoughts and rdeams, "It will be my pleasure to hurt them."
Cackling, Cerces threw open her suit case. "I think we will stay a bit longer."

Bipedra 2004

Lantessama Isle
Cy DragonStake  -   Darkling Dawn

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