Stevan and Undroth

The soft spring sun had chased the chill of winter away these past days. Though the nights still warranted coats and scarves, the days, especially at noon were pleasant and warm. It was at one such noon that the eggs on the sands started showing signs of hatching. A small tremor started in one egg and seemed to ripple through the others, forming a very noticeable stirring.
The silver-winged green dragoness Shezare, protectively shielded her eggs from view while they hatched, keeping them warm and safe. It didn't take long for the candidates to arrive as they'd all been training nearby, waiting for this very moment.
Noticing all her hatchlings had safely hatched and all candidates were in place, Shezare dropped her wings and allowed for the others to get a glimpse of her progeny. Unlike the usual hatchings at Lantessama, they didn't need to wait for separate hatchings or pairings. No, these little hatchlings all wanted the cake two of the candidates had prepared. So they wasted no time in going over to the candidates and bonding. They all seemed to know who they wanted as bond, decisions that had maybe been made before they'd even hatched as the candidates had been allowed to spend a lot of time with the eggs by their easy-going mother Shezare and friendly sire Hashuith.
One by one the hatchlings bonded. Stevan looked on with a worried heart, feeling like he might once more be left behind like the half a dozen hatchings that had come before this one. He knew he had to patient, but patience was wearing thin and doubts were growing stronger with each hatchling that walked by.
Being left standing seemed to be something he'd have to get used to, thought Stevan. All the others he'd ended up with in this place had already bonded. Of those, only his grandfather actually mattered. Years had gone by and he was no longer the uncertain teenager he'd been when he'd arrived at Lantessama. He'd become a decent man, at least he hoped he was, and had carried his own weight. Still, standing here and waiting, seeing the others bond made him feel uncertain again. But Stevan needn't have worried as the last remaining hatchling did have him in mind as a bond. She was a turquoise-winged emerald green dragoness of quite large proportions. She was not very elegant or ladylike, but she was motherly and thoughtful and wanted to chase his worries away.
"You are a good man." she told him, "Good enough for me if you'd have me."
Stevan wondered for a moment why the dragoness left the choice to him but gathered it was so he wouldn't feel pressured to take her as a last resort.
"I'd be very happy with you, Undroth." he told her.
"Good." she said, "I wasn't planning on leaving here without you."
With the last hatchling bonded, people turned to the waiting tables where different dishes both warm and cold shared the space with even more desserts.

Undroth flexed her wings and looked behind her to where her bond was working. They'd been travelling a lot lately, seeing the universe in quite a different way then Stevan had ever anticipated. Maybe they wouldn't be travelling under the stars, but they wouldn't lose as much time either. 
Lately though, Undroth had felt time was near. She'd had a ticklish, jittery feeling that told her a change was due. It wouldn't be much longer now. It was probably time to talk to her rider about hitting up a nexus world next.
"What's this about a nexus world?" Stevan asked, picking up her thoughts as she hadn't shielded them from him.
"I was thinking I'd need to rise soon."
Stevan fell quiet. He'd learned a lot about dragon, their biology and flights while he'd been waiting to bond. Undroth was half Pernese which meant she could probably start chewing firestone - if there was a way for them to get some - and be done with the urge. But he'd sensed a longing in her that made him realise she might actually want to put her maternal instincts to actually raising a clutch and seeing her children come into the world.
So he took a deep breath, straightened his back and told her:
"Wherever you want to go is fine."

Lantessama Isle
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