Ilandra and Morith

Ilandra waited in the group of candidates that had been selected for this clutch. Gold Vakantath was a large and imposing size and she protected her eggs fiercely. But as the eggs hatched and the hatchlings came into the world, they became their own beings. Ilandra could sympathise with the gold dragon-mother. Though she didn't have children of her own, she'd trained plenty of recruits and had seen them grow and then set out to find their place in the world. It was a bit sad but also a moment to feel proud.
A few hatchlings had bonded before Ilandra felt a peculiar tug at her mind.
"I'm Morith. I'll join you. You're strong and we'll have so much fun together."
Ilandra grinned at the presence the young dragon exuded.
"I think you'll be a challenge."

Name: Morith
Race: Pernese Dragon
Gender: Female
Colour: Green
Size: 22' long
Parents: Gold Vakantath x Bronze Penlth
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Assisted Firebreath
Personality: Arrogant and cocksure, Morith is an aggressive female who has no compunctions about going after the male she wants. She rises quite often and enjoys her mating flights, though she rarely sticks with the same winner twice. In addition to a better than average memory, she has an innate sense of space-time that helps her travel in between more accurately.

"I'm ready to rise." Morith said.
"Again?" Ilandra asked, "Give me some rest."
"I know you like the freedom it gives you. You enjoy the chase."
"It's quite funny when you start chasing the males." Ilandra grinned, "They should expect you to do that by now."
"They all think they're better than me. So they think I won't be able to turn the tables on them. But I am in control. That's the case even for all dragon females. They just act like the submit when they in fact choose how to make it so their preferred male wins."
"So who's caught your eyes this time?"

Lantessama Isle
Cy DragonStake  -   Darkling Dawn

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