Mechs and Topaz-Turquoise Ranghe

Red-winged brown Nariti launched a deliberate mellow hum when his mate, Green Zuath told him their eggs were hatching. The sound was both calming and hopeful and spurned the dragonlings on in their eggs. Quickly the candidates were brought around. Theirs had been a small clutch with only five eggs. Still there were quite a few candidates hoping to bond. None of them were local but even so, the people of Lantessama came to witness the joyous occasion and to partake in the celebrations that would certainly follow. As such the land surrounding the hatching sands was crowded when the first hatchling broke through the shell encasing him.
The hatchling, a mirror image of his dad with a soft brown hide and bright red wings, clumsily got up to his feet, getting tangled a bit in the remains of his former home and bonded to a warrior. Not much later, one of the other hatchlings managed to break free. This time a mostly green dragoness spilled from her egg. The spectators assumed she was just like her mother until she unfolded her wings and showed that the glimpses of golden yellow weren't from yolk or sand. 
The third egg to hatch revealed a turquoise-coloured hatchling with beige topaz wingsails. The hatchling was maybe a tad relaxed as he waited and looked over to where multiple candidates still waited. While he sat, the fourth egg hatched a blue on blue female, with a Sapphire-coloured body and darker Tanzanite-blue wings. The Turquoise gave her the go ahead and she wasted no time to bond. 
As the pair headed off to feed, the Turquoise male got up from the sand and sauntered lazily to Mechs. The space captain was a fatherly sort. A bit rough around the edges but with a kind heart and a huge sense of responsibility.
"You shouldn't be sorry for ending up here." the dragon said as he nuzzled the captain's hand.
'Why is that, Ranghe?" Mechs asked.
"Everyone's life will be better for being here." was the logical explanation of the young dragon.

Mechs had vowed to stay close to the people that had ended up on Lantessama with him. But none of them were making that an easy task. Stevan, being his nephew was maybe the easiest to keep tabs on. Ponte had easily found a place for himself among the people of Lantessama with his amicable behaviour. Mechs could feel though that the gypsy would take to travelling again once his dragon was old enough. Even Trevor, the quiet hacker, looked to be more relaxed. He'd become friends with the recordkeepers and often travelled to Earth with them when they went for supplies. 
"They're all grown men." Ranghe told him.
"They all look so young in my eyes." Mechs shrugged.
"You were young(er) once."
Mechs noted the small stab at his age and smirked: "Are you calling me old?"
"Maybe not." the dragon said, "But you certainly don't seem interested in the available people here. Shouldn't you be looking for a companion?"
"Where is this coming from?" Mechs asked cautiously.
"I'm a grown male myself in case you hadn't noticed." Ranghe supplied. 
Mechs had never once felt the urge to settle down. He'd been a traveller, living for his ship, crew and the adventure of his job. But maybe he should take his dragon up on the offer. There were a few nice women around who were around his age and a little romance might not be a bad idea. 

Lantessama Isle
Cy DragonStake  -   Darkling Dawn

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