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Name: Urbain
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Halfling. 

Description: Urbain is a small and slender man with jet black, wavy hair, a moustache and goatee. He has bright green eyes that are always looking at something interesting. He likes to wear loose shirts and jeans.  
Personality: Urbain is a funny guy who likes to make jokes. He has a passion for slapstick and word jokes. His humour can be described as lame, but he just makes it work. Maybe one day he'll make it as a stand-up comedian but for now he just plays on Thursday nights at the local free podium. 
Social Circle: Married to Ule, has quite a few friends and a large extended family.  
Short Bio: Urbain lost his father at a young age and learned to be liked by others to survive. He started helping his mother at a young age, and is proud that his brothers got to study. He works odd jobs (often for someone in the family) to earn money to fund his dream. 

They'd been present before the event really started, and the entire night everyone spotted the little dragon ushers, busy as a hive of bees. It was some time a few hours before midnight that Urbain decided that it shouldn't just be dancing getting his attention, and he asked for directions to one of the smaller stage venue rooms. And once there: he decided he was going to do a stand-up routine! Everyone was pleased with how many folks wanted to both participate and watch - this event was filled with happy people, after all, and slightly drunk ones at that.
And though some people didn't 'get' a couple of the jokes that Urbain told (they were too halfling centric, perhaps? they were too localized? but people laughed politely even if they missed the gags, and laughed strongly at the rest) he considered it to be a rousing success.
Even more so when one of the little Zwitterion ushers remained, eyes wide and head slightly tilted. 
"I like you! You're fun and funny!"
"Both? Really?" Urbain asked, and the dragonet tittered musically. He fluffed the dragon's chrome-shiny mane, "next time, you'll come up on stage with me. We'll make a great team." The dragon seemed quite happy with that!

Name: Esc Zwitterion (ESK zwit TER ee on)
Gender: Neuter (Knock-off)
Size: 3'10" s/l/ws
Build: slinky long tailed
Physical Features: Hathian-Whorling, with four legs the front two having wing struts, long sharp claws, very long bare tail, long angular face with faceted eyes and armour blending into neck fins, a fluffy mane, shoulder armour with similar fins; their mane can stand up if needed
Colours: Black Pawn 2, vibrantly dark body with brilliant white tuxedo belly, black tie, black eye armor, silver shoulder armor, light claws, chrome mane, and checkerboard wings and fins; faceted violet eyes
Stats: Strength 2, Speed 2, Endurance 2, Agility 2, Health 2, Intelligence 5
     * Singing - sonic manipulation and perfect pitch (6)
     * Adept ability with computers and electrical items (5)
     * Telepathy (2)
     * Verbal Speech (2) 
     * Teleport (2) 
      !! cannot shift in any way
Parents: donor splice Evocation Zone + Errick
Bond: Urbain, Voluntary Bond
Future: Esc and Urbain have a little stand-up comedian routine they practice a lot. They drive Ule crazy but she likes seeing them happy. 

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Lantessama Isle
Bonded at
the New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball