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Name: Armand
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Description: Armand is a muscled man with broad shoulders, sleek brown hair he keeps at shoulder length and a stylish beard. He has highlights from being out in the sun a lot. He likes wearing suits and stylish clothes. 
Personality: Armand was a player until he married and still likes to look good and keep in shape. Though he sometimes misses his partying days, it's not like he's getting more sleep with his newborn daughter around. 
Social Circle: Married to Alida, father to newborn daughter Licia. Tries to keep in contact with his old friends but it's been getting hard since all of them are moving up in life.  
Short Bio: Armand grew up around the healing den and all the connecting places. He's been around a lot, fully using what connections he has. Early on he put more weight to the relationships he had with friends over those he had with family. He met Alida at a party and as they say, opposites attract. 

It was early, the night had barely begun, and the big clock showed 4 hours to midnight. With the mass of people on the dance floor, Armand and Alida had to make room for the dragons that came from the nearby hatching chamber. While a number of the full sized hatchlings found their friends, the checkerboard-marked littler ones seemed eager to get themselves underfoot. Well, one of them anyway, a little lighter grey than most, a bit darker than a few. It kept getting between Armand and his wife as they attempted to get back into the dancing.
It looked up with bright, curious eyes. 
"Do you like how I dance?" The mental voice came to him and he suddenly realized that even though they were engineered and smaller than typical, this dragon... had just Impressed him? He had to pull Alida aside and settle his mind... and learn the dragon's name! Kivante, an odd name for a Pernese dragon? But not odd for the knockoffs. Perhaps... If Alida also found a little partner here, they would be set at home!

Name: Kivante (ki VAN teh)
Gender: Neuter (Knock-off)
Size: 3'5" s/l/ws
Build: leggy, long wings
Physical Features: Pernese, four legs and two wings all with short claws, long neck with boxy head, prominent fangs, high crest, faceted eyes; slender tail with spade tip
Colours: white pawn 6 a medium grey body; crest, wingsails and claws are checkerboard patterned; teal faceted eyes
Stats: Strength 1, Speed 2, Endurance 2, Agility 4, Health 2, Intelligence 2 
     * Telepathy (3)
     * Local Teleport (3), Nexus Teleport (4)
     * Assisted Firebreath (firestone chewing) 
Parents: donor clutch Ancheoth + Tehndarinth
Bond: Armand, Impressed
Future: Kivante will be Armand's little helper, always willing to run an errand and entertain the kids. 

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Lantessama Isle
Impressed at
the New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball