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Name: Ule
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Halfling

Description: Ule is a dainty young woman. She may be small of stature but she has a large presence. Her dark hair has one single silver streak at the front. She keeps her thick black hair loosely tied back. She has deep green eyes that have a world-weary look. She likes to wear bright clothes. 
Personality: Ule is larger than life. She is always the center of attention and likes being there. She often reads to people or performs as an actor. She likes to observe people and think about what they're doing or why they're there. Getting into character is a way of life to her. 
Social Circle: Married to Urbain, has a close circle of friends that she trusts and a wide circle of acquaintances she mingles with at parties. 
Short Bio: Ule grew up in a travelling group of performers. She's never had a home base but still yearned for one. She has now found her home in the presence of her husband. The travelling has become so ingrained in her that she can't stay in the same place for long. 

She watched her husband perform, and definitely got the gags that went over the heads of the others (hah that's a first, as a halfling! ba-dump-tss). It was still about 3 hours until midnight, there was plenty of time for her own skit. That is, until another group of hatchling dragons made their way from their hatching chamber, through the main ballroom, and into the smaller side venues. Even if it was 'merely' one of the knockoffs with the genetically engineered checkerboard wings, one of them snuggled right up around Ule. The dragon was already nearly big enough to wrap its wings around her!
"Do you think I could learn how to balance on a beam? Or maybe I could duck a thrown pie!" The dragon was energetic, much more so than others at this stage in their life. 
"Either way, can I come with you? I can even carry equipment! I'm not big like my cousins," the dragon pointedly looked at one of their full sized companions, "but I'm still strong!"
"And I'm small enough that... I could ride you," Ule said with excitement.

Name: Sydamsh (sigh DAMsh, -amsh)
Gender: Neuter (Knock-off)
Size: 4' s/l/ws
Build: strong legs and chest
Physical Features: Pernese/Pyrrhan, four legs, two wings, all with claws; strong neck; spaded tail with double row of spine/nubs; hide with scaled armor (spliced features carry as-is to any Pernese, may lapse to scaled with similar pair); face sharp with back-pointing horns, external ears, spike crest; eyes may be faceted or pupiled
Colours: White Pawn 2, bright white body with medium grey belly, alternating black and white shiny armour parts, light horns and dark claws and tail nubs; checkerboard wingsails and tail spade; pupiled green eyes
Stats: Strength 3, Speed 3, Endurance 4, Agility 3, Health 3, Intelligence 2
     * Telepathy (3)
     * Verbal Speech (3)
     * Local and Nexus teleport (3)
     * Firebreath (3)
     * Stealth (2)
     !! no added longevity
Parents: Donor clutch Amrith + 50 Shades of Grey
Bond: Ule, Voluntary Bond
Future: As promised, Sydamsh practiced a lot to perform and has since grown to be a good base for the halflings to perform their acrobatic antics on. 

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Lantessama Isle
Bonded at
the New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball