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Name: Alida
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Description: Alida is a tall woman with long limbs and a fair complexion. She has long brown hair that she keeps tied back. Her eyes are a soft red-brown in colour. She has a rather large nose. She likes clothes with embellishments (lacy borders, ribbons, the works). 
Personality: Alida is a fanciful woman. She takes her time decorating for the holidays and wrapping up presents. She cares about people and shows her love by making things just perfect. Though lately, since she had her daughter, things have gotten a little bit out of hand. 
Social Circle: Alida enjoys caring for others but currently all of her energy is taken up by her newborn daughter Licia. She is married to Armand.  
Short bio: Alida grew up in a warm and tight family. She never rebelled much and instead poured all of her energy in studying and volunteering. During one of those rare times when she joined her friends to go to a party, she met Armand and slowly but surely fell in love with the vibrant man. 

It took another two and a half hours before a dragon looked at Alida the way that one had gazed at her husband. But in that time, Alida had the chance to watch so much joy among her friends! She was growing tired, after all being away from her family home and her infant was wearing on her, and it would have been well past bed time. But it was a special occasion! Everything leading up to midnight!
"What is 'midnight'?" A voice came into her head, it was clearer than the murmurs of the people chatting around the big table they sat at, louder than even the music across the large dance hall. She looked up, glancing around, but saw nothing. Until...
"How could I miss that pattern?" Alida whispered mostly to herself, at the small horse-like face that was tilted looking up at her from beside her chair. "Um. Midnight is... when it's the middle of the night, sweetie." She fluffed the mane on the dragon's neck, and the dragon seemed to enjoy that.
"I am Tin! You are mine!"
"I... I am?" Alida didn't notice how her husband was grinning broadly, proud as ever.

Name: Tin ahlTahnhadaa (tin awl TAWN hah dah) 
Meaning: Tin of 'family of tiny colorless ones'
Gender: Neuter (Knock-Off)
Size: 4' s/l/ws
Build: sturdy
Physical Features: Perneseish/Zekiran/Zebra-kin, slightly furry hide; 3+thumb / claw paws, +wrist finger wings; mane and tail tuft hair; back pointing straight horns - slight Pernese influence no knobs though; horse-like face; no external ears but hears fine; pupiled eyes
Colours: White Pawn 5, wingsails a medium-light grey, body is covered in small checkerboard pattern and over that are black stripes; mane and tail pale grey, claws light, dark blue eyes
Stats: Strength 5, Speed 3, Endurance 3, Agility 1, Health 3, Intelligence 3 
     * Telepathy (3)
     * Verbal Speech (3)
     * Telekinetics (3)
     * Local Teleport (3), Nexus Teleport (2)
     * Fire (2)
     * Longevity (2)
     !! cannot use family shifting abilities at all
Parents: Donor clutch Evugith and Fadhila
Bond: Alida, voluntarily bonded (not required but enjoyed)
Future: Tin will help Alida raise her kids (there will be more) and prove to be a dedicated nanny with superior strength but sadly lacking evasion skills meaning they are an easy target. 

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Lantessama Isle
Bonded at
the New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball