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Name: Odette
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Description: Odette is a tall woman with a chunky build. She has long brown hair that tends to curl when it gets moist/wet. She had kind green eyes and a straight nose. She likes to dress in fancy clothes with lots of texture. 
Personality: Odette is a quiet and enduring woman who finds that just accepting others works best. She will bend and twist to work with others and she takes her chances when opportunity strikes. Which is why she and her husband are taking these dance lessons in the first place. She's become quite adept at manipulating him. 
Social Circle: Married to Oswald, Odette likes to keep to herself, she's not very social.
Short Bio: Odette grew up in a backwater nexus town, coming to the healing den wowed her and she quickly fell in love with one of the more worldly young men around her. They married and are now living together and working in administration.  

It was no surprise that the dancing had started early and kept going all night long. And early on as well, the first few clutches of dragons were shown off! Odette marvelled at them, they were gifted with not one but two pairs of wings? Long and lean, and complete with adorable fluff on their ears and hind feet. While the dance floor cleared a little, it was obvious that the dragons coming out just now weren't interrupting, they were joining in.
One of them butted its head against Odette's hip, horn buds in two colours on its head, and lovely rainbow with yellow eyes gazed at her. 
"I would like to dance with you, will my tail be in the way?"
She laughed as Oswald bowed out, allowing his partner to invent a new dance with this little dragon.

Name: Avirmeba (ah VEER meh bah)
Gender: Neuter (Knock-off)
Size: 4' s/l/ws
Build: high body, long legs
Physical Features: Drak-like supermutt, four legs with heavy claws, fluff on back legs; four wings two main and two butt-wings, with claws on the fore and Shatternak-styled wing barbs on hind; head has two horns, ear floof, a silky mane, tail has floof and a sharp (poison?) spine; they are furry but they are also egg-layers
Colours: Black Pawn 4, mottled dark grey body, bold checkerboard wingsails; claws dark with one light horn, mane silver mist, tail fluff dark, yellow eyes with rainbow sclera
Stats: Strength 3, Speed 5, Endurance 3, Agility 3, Health 2, Intelligence 3
     * exceptionally strong specific-location Portal (6)
     * Narcotic Spit/Sting (5)
     * Local Teleport (3)
     * Telepathy (3)
     * Verbal speech (3) 
     !!do not use or carry the shifting or genetic abilities of full pieces
Parents: Donor clutch Merajanay + Bales apa Larsis'Iann
Bond: Odette, Voluntary Companionship
Future: Avirmeba will help Odette leave the office more often to go out and run. Secretly hopes for a little human to carry on their back. 

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Lantessama Isle
Met at
the New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball