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Name: Isidoor
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Dwarf

Description: Isidoor is not that tall as his species are meant to be. He has wild blond hair he keeps on the short side, with bushy eyebrows and a fancy beard. His amber eyes look quite friendly despite his hairy appearance. Isidoor likes to wear strong clothing that can take some wear and tear.  
Personality: Isidoor has not lost his dwarven temper. He believes in honour and glory and sometimes dreams of those olden times where one could rise in the ranks and find fame. As it stands, Isidoor is quite famous for his business sense and savvy negotiation skills. He sometimes considers himself a warrior of space commerce, a mercenary travelling the void of space.
Social Circle: Paired to Imke. He likes to spend his time with other dwarves though he isn't small-minded about different races. 
Short Bio: Isidoor was brought up listening to his parents' stories about the old ways. Though he's never seen an actual mining mountain, he's met enough other dwarves to know the feeling of home those places bring to the soul. He met his wife when they were both still children and often crossed paths until they finally made things official a few years back. 





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