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Name: Oswald
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Description: Oswald is a man of average height and size. He slouches, making him look smaller than he is. His brown hair hangs down to his shoulders and his eyes always look a bit tired or bored. He has a wide nose and often scowls. Oswald has a dated style, sticking to clothes that were in style several decades ago. 
Personality: Oswald is not a very pleasant man. He likes to complain and if he doesn't get his way you won't hear the end of it. He has a high impression of himself so he feels better than most other people. As long as you let him do his things he won't be too difficult though.
Social Circle: Married to Odette, Oswald doesn't have a lot of close friends though he doesn't know why. 
Short Bio: Oswald grew up in a small village. His parents were high up on the social ladder, and even later, when they moved closer to the Healing Den where he currently resides, they kept up their way of life.  

Their dancing in the third hour before midnight was formal, as usual, or what Oswald called 'dancing'. Just dancing. It was his way, of course. Odette seemed to think there was more to it, and excitedly pointed out a pair that were apparently doing the Jitterbug. She knew perfectly well he couldn't be paid enough to make a fool of himself on the dance floor.
"Harrumph indeed", a voice snuck into his mind. He knew it wasn't a sound, because the dragon it came from was standing right there next to them on the dance floor. Bold, dark against the white marble floor. 
"They have little regard for tradition. But I do - and tradition is to choose a bond after hatching. So I have chosen you."
Though he was surprised, he wasn't particularly fussed about this. "Well that's good for everyone, then," Oswald replied. "I've heard that tradition includes me finding you food and offering ... a nice scratch behind the chin."
Which he did.

Name: Bonn Dumanish (BON doo MAW nish; Dumani is Turkish for 'smoke')
Gender: Neuter (Knock-off)
Size: 3'7" s/l/ws
Build: high body, big wing fingers
Physical Features: Pernese/Smoke, four legs and two wings, claws on feet only, long neck and tail, beak-like face, faceted eyes, smoke based webbing and crest/tail that may vanish entirely
Colours: Black Pawn 7, a dark grey body with 'smoke' crest, tail, and wings in improbable checkerboard patterns, foreclaws black, hind white, and green faceted eyes
Stats: Strength 2, Speed 2, Endurance 2, Agility 1, Health 4, Intelligence 2
     *Verbal Speech
     *Local and Nexus teleport
     *Can become larger at the expense of his wings vanishing (3)
     *Vapor Control (5) - rules out shadow and particle control
Parents: donor Dantinath + Dymati
Bond: Oswald, Voluntary Bond
Future: Bonn and Oswald will go on to create a group of traditional minded people and will be quite happy to point out the good that is being lost in present day society. 

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Lantessama Isle
Bonded at
the New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball