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Name: Imke
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Species: Dwarf

Description: Imke is a sturdy and squat female dwarf. She has broad shoulders, and muscled limbs. She keeps her long blond hair braided and out of the way. Her blue eyes stare defiantly into the world, her nose is wide and a bit crooked. Imke enjoys wearing clothes made from animal origin (leather, wool). 
Personality: Imke won't beat around the bush. She's to the point, and quite outspoken about her view of things. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She is a very practical woman who won't stand for excuses. Be straight with her and things will work out. 
Social Circle: Imke is paired to Isidoor. She considers a lot of people her friends but not all would believe that they rank so high on her list.
Short Bio: Imke travelled with her parents from a young age. She came from a typical dwarven settlement (mountains, mines), but lost her affinity for those places the more she travelled the universe. She is now quite happy as a modern nexus-dweller, trading items for a living.  

They came out while the group was dancing, the music didn't pause. In fact the music seemed to energize these long multiple-winged dragonets. If Imke had learned anything from her weeks of practice at the dance studio, it was to end the move before looking away distracted - so she let Isidoor swing her to a low dip and she tapped his shoulder twice to indicate a break. A lot of other couples were pausing too, as the proud little furry dragonets spread in a not-really-organized fashion out from their side nook. It was hardly four hours to midnight, and already dragons were being shown off.
All the way across the ballroom, their chipper voices mixing with laughter and cheering as they found friends among the dancers. Imke wanted to get a better look! And one of them, apparently, wanted a better look of her!
"Hello! Hello! I am Barmeba! Would you show me how to do that? I might be clumsy at first."
"Well ... I was too, you'll learn!"

Name: Barmeba (BAR meh bah)
Gender: Neuter (Knock-off)
Size: 4'7" s/l/ws
Build: high body, long
Physical Features: Drak-like supermutt, four legs with heavy claws, fluff on back legs; four wings two main and two butt-wings, with claws on the fore and Shatternak-styled wing barbs on hind; head has two horns, ear floof, a silky mane, tail has floof and a sharp (poison?) spine; they are furry but they are also egg-layers
Colours: White pawn 5, mottled pale grey body, bright checkerboard wingsails, light claws and horn; floof bicolored black mane white tail, shiny grey legs; multicolored eyes mainly red-violet iris
Stats: Strength 3, Speed 3, Endurance 5, Agility 2, Health 3, Intelligence 3 
     * exceptionally strong specific-location Portal (6)
     * Venom Spit/Sting (5)
     * Local Teleport (3)
     * Telepathy (3)
     * Verbal speech (3) 
     !!do not use or carry the shifting or genetic abilities of full pieces

Parents: donor clutch Merajanay + Bales apa Larsis'Iann
Bond: Imke, Voluntary Companionship
Future: Barmeba will help Imke in her business. No-one will dare double-cross or steal from her and risk getting Barmeba's venom spit. 

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Lantessama Isle
Bonded at
the New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball