Chapter 5: Giving Birth

Wind cried out in pain when she felt her child finding it's way out. She sat down at one of the small lakes on the Eastern shores. She waited for the next contractions. There came none. Suddenly 4 more stabs of pain cut through her abdomen and Wind realised she hadn't been carrying just one child. The birth of Gods was supposed to be painless, so Wind knew her children weren't Gods. It didn't matter. they were hers and they would live here, together until the day came they could be free.
But if they weren't Gods they would have no powers to protect them. Wind felt it unwise to leave them vulnerable. Even in this small dimensions there were dangers. She would give them some of her powers just to be on the safe side.
The first child to be born was a small girl, all yellow and brown. Her skin was a deep caramel, her hair was blond and her eyes were amber-like. The girl had soft yellowish wings and she looked up at her mother, thinking. Then suddenly she started crawling. Her children might not be Gods, but this was way too fast to be human. Suddenly a bird landed next to her, curious probably about what new creature was invading it's terrain. The young girl's eyes turned big and she ran back to her mother.
"Baby, you don't need to fear the animals." she said, but the girl was too startled to speak. She looked at the bird from behind her mother's skirts and finally sat beside her.
Wind wanted nothing more than to comfort her daughter, but she felt the painful pressure of yet another child wanting to be born. A boy this time. Looking very much like his sister but more blue than brown. His skin was the pearly white of his mother, his curly hair the green of the depths of the sea. His eyes the blue of summer rain. He was more daring than his sister, and a lot faster. When the bird came toward him he grabbed it and turned it upside down. Finally the bird was able to free itself and it flew away. Her son immediately started to cry when his 'playmate' had left him. For a moment Wind despaired, 2 wailing children and still she couldn't get up. 
The third to be born was a girl again. Her skin pearly, but black, not white like her mother and brother. Her hair was already long and dark, her eyes a very deep gray. Her wings were a dashing colour of icy silver, glistering in the morning sun. All she did was sit down and look at her mother with eyes that wanted to know all there was to know.
The fourth to come was a boy again. He had a soft brown skin colour, like the trees his father had died on. His hair and eyes flaming red. His wings seemed to be burning when he moved toward a small tree. He looked at it for a while and them pushed against it. Only to start squabbling in a fit of rage when the tree wouldn't move.
Four children were enough for Wind. It would be hard enough to keep an eye on 4 toddlers, but Faith had had a different idea. 
The last child to be born was much smaller than the rest. It's hair was soft black, like raven feathers. It's skin was milky white. But it's eyes grasped the attention most of all. One was green and one was blue. And both looked into a different direction.
Wind was tired of the effort she had gone through. But she also knew how important it was for her to name her children. A name was a way of protecting a child. An identity could make the difference between life and oblivion in the first night.
She looked around, her last child still sitting on her lap. She pointed to her firstborn. The yellow girl.
"You'll be De Wind vanuit het Oosten." she named her in the ancient language of the Gods.
"Dewinvaho." the girl replied, still having troubles with some of the vowels.
Wind pointed to her firstborn son.
"You will be called De Wind vanuit Westelijke Streken."
"DewivaWest." her son answered.
The she turned to her darker daughter. She was still watching her. This one Wind knew would be a handful. She wouldn't be able to tell her tales or fool her into believing silly things.
"You'll be called De Wind die naar het Zuiden Snelt."
"Dewinazus." she replied in a solemn voice.
Somehow Wind knew this girl already was able to understand and speak the old language. Wind could only assume she talked like the others from some point of sensible kindness.
Her second son, the fiery fellow that maybe was the worst of her and Serdayn's character combined whined because she didn't hurry to give him his name.
"Alright, you'll be De Wind Gericht naar het Noorden."
"Dewigenano." he quickly said and looked to his sisters and brothers with proud in his eyes.
"And you, my little special one." she said to her last child, " You'll be Wind Chimes, because you swing in both directions."
"Wind-Chimes!" it cried out, the first part suspiciously low, the second strangely high.

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