Chapter 4: Creating a Dimension

The longer Wind thought about her Idea, the more right it seemed. There would only be one place she would be happy waiting in. And that was the mountain valley. She remembered it well. The valley was well above the clouds and only the top of the mountain was viewable from the air. There were a lot of orchards and fields since the North Wind didn't blow there, sheltered as it was by the mountain wall.
While she was at it though, she changed a few things. When you had all the knowledge you needed to make something you get creative. Wind made it so the clouds washed ashore on the mountain wall. Fish and birds periodically jumped up from below. The fruits in the trees grew at a random pace making it possible for one tree to be blooming while the other was bearing fruit and yet another was loosing leaves. The sky would be forever clear, no clouds would ever spy on people here. 
When her work was partly done, she would still have to work on some details, but the general look and feel was right Wind flew up and looked down on her work. The universe was small, but she would be here alone. She didn't want it to be any bigger. She wanted it to be small and lifelike, allowing her to dream of better times. It was like a sanctuary.
When she remembered the last day she and Serdayn spent together something deep inside her stirred. She had felt before. A soft tapping inside her. She had blamed it on the grief. But what if it wasn't? What if she still had something left of Serdayn inside her. Something that wouldn't be as easily killed as a human.
Wind worked even harder on her dimension now. She wouldn't be alone. She was a bit frightened. She didn't know what to expect from being pregnant. A child from two Gods was a God and one of two Humans would be a human. But what would become of a hybrid?
What if it would die right after she had giving birth to it? What if it lived? Would her universe be satisfactory for two? How would her child react to the confined space? Would it want to travel and would it be safe for her child to travel? The next months this was what Wind thought about. Serdayn and the child he had given her. At long last she forgot to wonder what would happen when it lived or died and just thought about it as it was now. Growing fast inside her...

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