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Name: De Wind Gericht naar het Noorden
Gender: Male
Race: demigod
Cardinal Direction: South
Colours: Orange and Red
the power to make the earth fertile or barren

DescriptionDeWiGenaNo (Geno for short), has bright, naturally glowy skin. It's beautiful but the brown reminds his mother of the trees his father had died on. His dark red hair is short and usually slicked back while his eyes are a bright red and burn with passion. His wings are shapely butterfly wings that seem to sparkle and flame.  
Personality: Geno is a shorttempered, impatient and stubborn. He's passionate and driven but generally a good guy that will fight for the good in the world. Like the Latin Lover that he is, he also enjoys the company of women and he tends to flirt and boast a lot. He will never force someone to go along with him, if he gets rejected he moves on to the next girl to try his luck. 
Origin: child born to the goddess Wind and the regular human Serdayn.

Bond: ?? from ??


Prequel: Read about the birth of the demigods and growing up in the special dimension their mother created. And learn just how Wind Chimes was the cause of the children of Wind ending up all across the Nexus.

Geno dropped to his feet and looked aorund. Clearly he was not home anymore. 
"Cool!" he grinned and he immediately twirled around to get the most of the experience. There was so much new to see. And not just nature. There were people about. Strange people. Not all like the stories his mother had told him about his father. 
Not wasting any time, Geno started following some of them. They gave him a funny look, but one genuine smile and a gift of a flower seemed to smooth matters.
"Might you tell me where I am?" Geno asked.
"You must be one of them candidates." one of the women replied, "You'd better inquire about stuff over there."
Geno nodded, thanked them and then headed for the person the woman had pointed out. There was no time like the present. Maybe sticking around a little longer wouldn't get him into trouble. He couldn't get back home right now anyway. Things were looking very promising. 







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