Chapter 8: The Hatching

The woman watched the eggs, though something directed her eyes to the stands. Gazing there, she found her eyes locked on an ordinary looking red-head, cuddled into the large frame of a black-haired man. Something about her made Wind pause, and had the sands not drawn her, she would have stayed like that for a long while. As it was, she found her eyes locked with the large white dragoness, trying to find acceptance there, allowance to be where she was, for she'd gathered that this was something of invitation only. She didn't turn her stare from the white until she felt a gentle nudge at her legs. Looking down, she came face to face with a ruby dragonet, gazing up at her.

"Who's Serdayn??" the Ruby spoke aloud, for the crowd to hear. Analyn raised an eyebrow from where she sat, disbelieving what she was seeing. It was obvious that this woman, if that's what she was, hadn't been searched, and yet... "You know about him already, little one??" The Ruby-lightning dragon spread her wings, making the woman pull back, as she realized that one of the Gods, Lightning, might be here. "He's not, Wind, and even if he was, I'd take care of you, I wouldn't let him, or Cloud for that matter, hurt you. Knowledge sent you here to me, for me to help, and that's what I'm gonna do." Wind felt tears in her eyes as she sank to her knees, wrapping her arms around the ruby. "How did you...." she trailed off as she realized that the little ruby could read her thoughts. "Thank you, Ktisztinath," she whispered, unable to say more.


Ktisztinath had grown. She had bulked up in her chest, wingarm and haunches. She was a powerfum runner and soon her wings would be big enough to carry her further than half a mile. The ruby-lightning was on a mission to grow up and bring happiness to her rider and her lost lover. A mission she'd taken willingly from before she'd hatched. 
"I love your dedication." Wind told her, "But you must rest every now and then, I don't want to lose you too."
"Fine." Ktisztinath conceded and she lay down beside her bond, watching the ripples on the water.
"Looks like Wes is keeping up with his work." Wind smiled.
Ktisztinath felt a wave of melancholic want rush over her bond as she thought of the children she'd left behind. 
"If they are your children than they're surely doing alright."
"I know, but I miss them. I can't wait until we're all together and safe in my little pocket dimension."

Continue to Serdayn's story to read how Wind and Ktisztinath save him.


will be written after Serdayn impresses. 


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