Chapter 3: Running

Wind arrived at the meeting place of the Gods. She'd rather not go there now. it would ruin her memory of her time spent with Serdayn. But she couldn't stay away. That would be suspicious. 
And besides, she needed to check the library for a safe way of transporting her love out of this dimension. The shadow she had given him would protect him, but she doubted it's power was strong enough to elude another God. No, she'd have to find a way to get him out safely and to get him to a place where the Gods couldn't hurt him. But did such a place even exist?
Wind greeted everyone kindly as she passed them and slowly made her way to the library. She had never actually been inside. She had seen it often enough. The library was a big round construction that seemed transparent but was in fact a mirror. Wind wondered what it would look like on the inside. Everyone who entered it was bound to keep it's secret. That pact was a thing that had frightened Wind until the present day. What could be so scary you had to keep it a secret? Not many Gods entered the library and not a whisper or a rumour could be heard about what was inside.
Wind looked around. Not many Gods were around. She took a step closer to the Library and felt a strange sensation. Suddenly she was somewhere else. A mountain valley. The valley where she had only stood an hour before. 
"Welcome." a voice said.
Wind turned and saw a young girl coming toward her.
"Who are you?" she asked.
"I am Knowledge." she told her.
"But you are so young..."
"Knowledge doesn't represent itself in the appearance, Innocence does." the girl said.
"Can I speak to Knowledge alone?"
"Innocence can keep a secret." 
"Do you know why I'm here?"
"Yes, you broke The Rule."
"I don't think what I did was wrong."
"Rules are made to be broken by the wings of Love, my child." Somehow the phrase child coming from this young girl wasn't inappropriate. An old soul was hidden in that body.
"How did you know about this place?"
"We know everything."
"Then tell me how I can save Serdayn!" she cried out.
The echoes of her voice carried around the mountain until Knowledge-Innocence snapped her fingers and the valley became silent again.
"I will, but remember your love has put himself in great danger by daring the Never. It wasn't pleased about that. You'd better get him out soon."
Wind felt a cold presence wrapping itself around her heart. She had been right. Their luck would be brief. She sat down and looked up at the child, placing all her hope and confidence in this one ancient girl.

Wind suddenly was outside the library. The magic of the moment was gone. One moment she had been sitting on the mountain and the next she had been outside again. Knowledge-Innocence hadn't told her anything! How was she supposed to get Serdayn out when she didn't know what to do?
A soft spark came out of her finger. She only noticed it because it nearly set her dress on fire. The spark was black, soaking in the light, eating it. Soon it became bigger. A black whole appeared. Wind felt the hole sucking and took a step back. The spark died down and reality returned.
Wind looked at the library and laughed. So Knowledge-Innocence had given her a gift. Why had she ever been afraid to enter the Library? What lay inside wasn't scary at all. A butterfly fluttered by and the soft voice of Innocence spoke:
"Only those who dare to enter, no matter the dangers, are worth to be saved. Good luck."
Emotionally stronger and replenished Wind flew up. She would help Serdayn out first thing next morning. He'd be safe in the night when only humans were awake. 

But when she returned to his house the next day she couldn't find him. He was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he was out in the forest or in the town. She shouldn't worry. But the small seed had already planted it's roots in her heart. Wind raced back up and searched the ground for any sign of him.
"Hey Wind." Cloud said as he drifted by.
"Hi." Wind really didn't like him. he was so boring.
"Did you hear about the guy that died here last night?"
"What?" her heart missed a few beats.
"Yeah, I thought that was why you were here. I saw it happen. He tripped and fell bad. He died."
"What was his name? she asked.
"My, you sure are interested in this fella. His name was Serdayn."
Wind gasped and let herself fall down to the ground. She went into the forest and searched. Finally she found the place. Blood still dripping from the wood on the ground. She sat down and wept. She couldn't even say goodbye to him for the humans had already taken his body.
Suddenly she smelled it. Magic. Used not long before. He hadn't died a normal dead. How had she ever been foolish enough to believe that? He knew these woods! Suddenly a thought emerged into her head. Cloud! He had claimed he'd seen the whole thing. She had never trusted him completely. He was way too slimy to be good. Always sneaking around the heavens... he must have seen her.
Wind became angry. Cloud had taken away her universe, her soul and he would pay for that. If she reported him to the council they would have to punish him. But then, wouldn't they punish her? She had broken the first rule in the book. No, she couldn't report him now, but later when she had established a safe haven she could hide in she would come back.
The sparks from her fingers lifted again and the black fire consumed her view on the forest. When it was big enough to step through she entered and found herself drifting through complete darkness. This was what the universe had been like before the first spark of power had touched it. And now it was hers to command. Somehow she knew she couldn't make a dimension with thoughts of revenge in her head. That would only lead to a sad and dark place. She searched her memory and smiled as she found the one place that she held closest to her heart. Knowledge-Innocence had known all along. Than there'd be hope. Why else would she have shown her the way?

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