Chapter 2: Lies of the Gods

Cloud looked up and watched as he saw Wind fly by. She had a human friend. Something that had been forbidden for ages now. Cloud rubbed his hands together in anticipation. He knew some of the other Gods wouldn't care, but Lightning would want to hear about it.
One night when Cloud had been sleeping he had been woken up by one of Lightning's angry thunderstorms. One without Thunder. Cloud had stayed up and listened. "Wind" he had yelled. "Why don't you want me?" and other things that were inappropriate to repeat. In some way Cloud was happy Wind didn't like Lightning, he had a thing for the breezy goddess  himself, after all. But for this he would need help. A plan started brewing inside Cloud's mind. An evil plan. A plan that would take power as well as brains.
Cloud raced around the planning, muttering things like: "Where's that big fool when you need him? There's always some thunderstorm brewing somewhere..."
When Cloud finally found Lightning the day had nearly passed. As usual Lightning was angry. The boy never seemed to grow out of his childlike tantrums it seemed. Cloud of course, looking and thinking as an old man knew he'd have to play it just right to get the plan working the way he wanted. He'd have to be small and weak in the eyes of the younger God. 
"Excuse me, oh great Lightning." he started.
"I have no time for your talk, Cloud." Lightning shouted, overpowering the sounds of Thunder.
"Oh, but this will. It's about Wind."
Lightning looked up and thought for a moment. The old man wouldn't come here for nothing. There must be something he'd want.
"What is it and what do you want?" Lightning asked.
"Just that you'd listen to my story."
"Talk all you like, but you'll have to keep up with me." Lightning said and started moving his thunderstorm around the planet. Cloud hastily followed, grabbing his beard and tucking it in so it wouldn't be caught by some stray bird.
"I was flying today and suddenly saw Wind heading of on the North wind on a place she shouldn't be using that one." Cloud started. "You know as well as I do that mountain regions are supposed to be free of North wind since the Air divinities passed the Law 2 hundred years back. Ahh, those were the days..."
Lightning interrupted the old man by aiming a flash of Lightning toward his cloud. Sadly he missed. Lighting yawned and said: "Is that all?"
"Eh, no. See she wasn't there alone. She was there with a friend." The look in Lightning's eyes became darker. Cloud nearly jumped in ecstasy and went on with his story. "And that friend was a human!"
Lighting's eyes became darker than a night. A funny shade for eyes that are usually amber-coloured.
"She did what?!" he called out.
"Defy one of the oldest laws, one of the dawn of time or somewhere around that era if I'm correct." Cloud said.
"A mere human, when she could have had me?"
Big ego-tripping fool. Cloud thought. He might as well use that trait in his advantage.
"Things don't have to be like this..."
"They don't?"
"We could dispose of the human."
"You know we can't kill humans."
"Not directly no, but if we work around that, maybe lay a trap or something... influence some other humans. No-one would know." Cloud's eyes flickered when he entered that thought in the conversation.
No God had ever defied that Law. It was only right they should try it once. To see if the other Gods would know about it.
"The trap. Influencing humans is a messy job."
Not too mention filling an entire skull with that tiny brain... pondered Cloud.
Lightning raced down and Cloud had to overstrain himself to keep up. He felt all woozy when they came down. "Where is this human?" Lightning asked.
"Well, we drifted towards his home while we were talking. He is outside gathering wood."
"In the dark?"
"It would seem so." Cloud winked.
Cloud and Lightning hid in the bushes and waited. There trap was magical. It would attract any human close enough to it. The human would stumble over the 'fallen' branch and get spiked at some standing up charred treesticks from the recent thunderstorm. It would be a very unfortunate fall indeed. 
Cloud was exceedingly happy with his Plan. Nothing could go wrong. All bases were covered. the magic would fade faster than beauty on a human. No-one would ever suspect them. And pray tell, why would a God want to investigate the death of a human. A death caused by accident?
Suddenly a stepping sound came closer. The human was coming home. Cloud pulled Lightning back further in the shadows. They shouldn't be seen. Lightning looked angry at him and wanted to speak out, but Cloud managed to keep him silent before he would ruin the plan.
A scream alerted them their trap had been successful. The sound soon died down to a watery coughing and then breathing. Then Silence.
"It's done." Cloud said.
"Shouldn't we check that he is really dead?" Lightning asked.
"I'm not risking that, you go if you want to. I heard him die."
Lightning shrugged. "When you put it like that..."

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