Chapter 7: Lao Demia

Wind raced in the black outside her dimension. Much had changed since she had been here last. That hadn't  been half a year ago. She had always thought the nothing between dimensions would be quite stable, but apparently others knew how to create dimensions too.
While she was hurling forward she wondered how she would find Serdayn. She couldn't sense him the way lovers did in those human stories. She couldn't even feel if he was alive or dead. She didn't even know where to start looking. 
For a moment she tried looking into dimensions. The outer layers were transparent, so she could quite easily look in. But she went by too fast to see anything of interest. Where was she headed anyway? The only other place she knew was the Dimension she had come from. But she had vowed never to return there until Serdayn's dead had been avenged. 
But, maybe he wasn't dead? What was she supposed to do? She had sworn it, she couldn't break her oath. 
'Rules are meant to be broken...'
"Why not, one more wouldn't hurt her."
Wind entered her home dimension. All was about the same as she'd left it. It was night. Carefully she went through the city, trying to think of a sure way to find Serdayn. Maybe Cloud would know, but she wasn't waking him up. The temptation of strangling him would be too great. Not that strangling would do her any good since Gods couldn't die. But the thought alone made her feel more determined. Cloud still needed to be punished.
Who would help her? she asked herself.
She passed the library and saw a light from within shining out like a beacon. Wind gave up. She got a clue when she saw it.
"Take me in!" she said and suddenly she was there again, the valley, the girl, nothing had changed here.
"Can you help me again?" she asked.
"Hmm, not with this. But I can tell you how to help yourself."
"How?" she asked.
"Your lover is in a dark and shadowy place. His ghost travels the line between life and death. Your shadow caught most of the trap, but your lover wasn't spared all the pain. The trap saw through him. It tasted his blood and softly draws him nearer."
"How come I saw the shadow of the eagle?"
"We projected it. The time was right for you to come. The time was right to find a solution."
"What is the solution?"
"A dragon. Only by means of a dragon can you get in the shadow realm. Only a dragon can keep you safe and help you find him. We've created a portal. Go now, return as quick as you can."
Wind stood up and ran through the gate. She needed to  hurry. Where would she find a dragon? Wind was still wondering about all those things when she suddenly knew something -Innocence hadn't brought her back to her own dimension, but to another. Black sand lay on the floor and people were whispering. No other sounds dared to disrupt the silence until one egg, bold as all young things are bold, cracked and revealed a dragon...


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