Mind Pairing Record 7
It was raining, the kind of day where you like being indoors with a hot beverage and huddled beneath a blanket. But inside Acicade Castle things were happening. Earth Kangofu's clutch had hatched and while the draklings were getting acquainted with the world, received their names and were given the secrets their mother wanted to share with them, the aspirants had been called. One by one they entered the hatching cavern. A dark but airy room that had a view of the surrounding forests that were cloaked in fog and rain. Inside the air was warm and the mood was cosy, sheltered and protected from the weather the room felt private and secure. 
Among the aspirants were three native Icarians. Sven, a handsome young man from right in town stood beside Leda, one of the sons of the High Prince of Yavier Castle. A bit further stood Gunwalls, a chubby but amicable pirate who was already entertaining Sherah with a tall tale about his beloved brother. The Kynnese woman took it all in and enjoyed the sense of adventure the story brought. Whistle, kept to himself as the Project from the Vella Crean did not like to be among people much he'd mostly kept to himself, walking in the forests surrounding Acicade and generally enjoying nature in the days while he'd waited for the clutch to hatch.
Just a short span of time later, Earth Kangofu led her brood out into the deep cavern and proudly presented her five draklings to the waiting people. She was proud of her little ones and had been excited to see that all were healthy and energetic.
"Bosebfu." Kangofu called and a dainty forest drakling stepped forward.
The young forest drak had the abundance of energy that all of her kind possessed and she wasted no time to find her bond, Sherah and put a smile on the woman's face though she'd spoken so quietly no-one else knew what she'd said.
Pleased to see her first drakling paired off without a hitch, Kangofu looked at her offspring and announced: "Uylfueb."
A male day drakling stepped forward and after a mischievous draconic grin to his mother he was off to bond the pirate. 
"I feel we will have lotzs of funz together." the young drak spoke.
"I feel we will experience quite a lot of adventure as well." Gunwalls replied.
Before Kangofu could announce the next of her draklings, a white-blue wind female stepped forward. She'd been (im)patiently waiting and felt that her time was long overdo. 
Kangofu nodded and decided to just run with it, "Fiebfu." she announced and gave the wind drakling a little nudge to get on with it if she wanted to cut in front.
Fiebfu hastened to stand beside Sven and said: "I'm your number one girl, aren't I?"
Two draklings remained, Kangofu motioned the silver-golden drakling forward next and proclaimed proudly: "Ersebfu." 
The female hatchling was the largest of her children and would probably grow to be large and strong. But her nature as an ore meant that this hatchling was even-tempered and considerate. She would not use her size to threaten or get ahead. So it was calmly that she walked forward into the light and chose to sit next to Leda and offer him her strength.
"I shall keep you safe." she said with all the conviction she possessed.
When the last hatchling came forward into the grey light of the day, the onlookers stirred a bit. Most had believed this drakling to be a rain female. But his black wings proved that fact false as did the fact that he was a male. One of the older spectators whispered that he'd witnessed another like it before and that the colour had been called Stone. The young hatchling quietly tolerated the whispers and ignored the stares as he waited patiently for his mother to call out his name.
She took her time, waiting for the noise to quiet down, before she finally gave up his name: "Tafueb." she said.
Only then did the hatchling make his way toward the last remaining aspirant. During the entire event, Whistle had kept to himself, quietly waiting. His golden eyes hidden by glasses couldn't help but glow a little brighter as the dark drakling approached. 
"Pleased to meet you. I'll be in your care." Tafueb introduced himself formally.
"Likewise." Whistle replied with a small bow.
With the mind pairing over, the newly formed pairs were escorted to the waiting buffet and left to mingle among the older pairs. Among those were the trainers that had been selected for this clutch and who would decide among themselves which squires they would take on.


Clutch7: Earth Kangofu and Mud Lieb

Sherah (f) and Forest Bosebfu (f)
trainer: Ylleina & Rain Darwysh (Transport Training)

Leda McDairmid-Ridsaw (m) and Ore Ersebfu (f)
trainer: Aimon & Forest Jaryunha (Knight Training)

Sven (m) and Wind Fiebfu (f)
trainer: Jami & Wind Uriduri (Knight Training)

Whistle (m) and Stone Tafueb (m)
trainer: Marigan & Earth Kanasu (Guard Training)

Gunwalls (m) and Day Uylfueb (m)
trainer: Gert & Ore Skawph (Knight Training)