Atyra & Kangofu


Name Atyra
Age 35
Gender Female
Appearance Doll made with Elouai's Candybar Doll Maker
    & Behaviour
She is stuborn as hell.
Atyra doesn't know when to give a patient up, but because of that, she hasn't lost all that many people. She has a strong sence of duty and can work on and on. She never really stops working.
Tasks Doctor
Hobbies She sees her job as her hobby, but when her drak makes her take a break, she likes warm summer days and a good cup of strong coffie.
She is always seen sipping from a cup, and (is it magic?) it never gets empty.
Social Life? Single
Pets None
Family Coming from a whole line of doctors, Atyra knew what she was going to be. She loves her job, but she misses her parents and family who are living on earth.
History Atyra is a woman that grew up in a wealthy family. She never took that for granted, and as you can see, she turned out in this wonderfull person. 
Atyra came to Icarus when they searched for her, and since that day, she lived here. She misses home, but she knows that some day, when work isn't as busy, that she will go visit her parents. 
Homeworld Earth

The Drak

Name Kangofu
Colour Earth
Age Adult
Gender Female