Pharell & Lieb


Name Pharell
Age 19
Gender Male
Appearance Doll made with Elouai's Candybar Doll Maker
    & Behaviour
Pharell has a really strong voice, and isn't afraid to use it. He was born for the job. He knows everythings place on Wo Yao Fei Castle, and he can tell you the fastest way to what ever it is that you're looking for. 
He is not a spurr of the moment guy, because that just isn't good in his line of duty.
Tasks Transport
Hobbies He has been seen to build little houses and wooden sculptures for the little ones on Icarus. 
He is very good with his hands and loves to make things.
He also loves to explore and learn more about shortest routes.
Social Life? He's single ladies!
Pets Water fairy drak Fey
Family He has an older sister, and perhaps that is why he is so thoughtfull. 
Living with his aunt and uncle he grew up a rather normal life. He and his uncly liked hicking and those games where they get dropped in the middle of nowhere.
History His parents died young. He can't remember them, but he and his sister both grew up in a loving and warm place. 
Pharell was a rather geek when he was still in high school, but now, because he trained alot, he has a good body, and girls go mad for him :) 
Homeworld Icarus

The Drak

Name Lieb
Colour Mud
Age Adult
Gender Male

setstats 1