Name: Jami
Age: 18
Gender: male
Description: Jami is average in height and slender, with well-toned, stringy muscles that he got from walking and running. Jami has light Brown hair thatís just a fraction lighter than his tanned skin and deep Brown eyes. Jami is friendly to the Point of almost being simple. He doesnít expect much from life except to live it. He doesnít foresee danger and heís never been unsatisfied with his life in his backwater village. Heís rather obediant and loves to be outdoors. His hobbies contain, walking, running, swimming and riding.
mother and fater (farmers) and 3 siblings (2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister).
Pets: Mud Faerie Dango (m) from Acicade Castle.
Drak: Wind Uriduri (f) from Acicade Castle.

With his baby faerie drak fresh out of it's egg on his shoulder, Jami stood in the pairing chamber waiting anxiously for Forest Yachari to enter. When she finally did, 4 draklings followed her. Jami stretched his neck to get a better view, but the draklings stayed hidden. Then, one by one, they were pushed forward by their mother, who announced their names.
Three paired and then the last, a water female was pushed forward. The drakling was small, slender and gorgeous beyond belief. She blinked her big green eyes and waited for her mother to announce her name.
"Uriduri." Yachari said.
Then the little water stepped forward hesitantly, finally stopping in front of Jami, the only remaining aspirant. With a very delicate move, she placed her head in his hands and said: "Will you be mine?"
Jami, moved by the words nodded and hugged her, unable to see the wicked grin on her face. There'd be trouble with her in the near future.

Trained by Elza and Wind Quixha (f)
Basic Training

"Jami?" Uriduri asked with in a honey-sweet voice.
"Yes? The boy asked not knowing what to expect. Uriduri had never used this tone with him.
The two of them had been getting closer and closer ever since the day they paired and Jami never thought of her as a mount or even a drak. She was his friend and they'd gone through a lot together. Being a bit on the easy side many of the other trainees had tried to take advantage of him. His trainer hadn't always took notice of it since she was often away to visit her male life partner. At those times it had been Uriduri who'd fended off the bullies. She'd developed a ferocious temper and had become renowned because of it. Jami had seen her grow and the tone she'd used never ever meant good things.
"It is time." she hissed.
"Time?" Jami hesitated to ask.
"Yes time. Time for the world to see my draklings. If there's a drak that'd be able to catch me of course. It won't be easy, but somewhere there has to be one that'll be able to win my heart."
Jami smiled. Inside Uriduri was a wind of course. She was like a little girl waiting to be princess.
"It'll be hard to find one as dashing as myself though."
A very stuck up princess.
"Yes Uriduri." Jami sighed.


Jami and Uriduri joined the Opus I Armada as Knights at Acicade.
Life Mate: -- none yet (to come though)


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