Name: Aimon
Age: 16
Gender: male
Description: Short and chubby, Aimon looks younger than his age. He often gets remarks that children should not be in the way of grownups and gets angry easily because of them. He has the shining black hair and deep brown eyes of his family lineage. As an aspiring merchant this family resemblance with his father at least, proves to be somewhat useful.
Currently Aimon is 20 years of age and he's lost a lot of his chubbiness due to the hard knight training. He's also grown considerably and his features have gotten quite handsome and distinct.
Family: Aimon is the only legitimate son of Jagharta Linnen merchant Sayren (55). He has four older sisters: Isabella (25), Ranell (24), Riame (22) and Erica (20), none of which has gotten married yet because their father only wants them to marry the right kind of nobles.
Pets: Forest faerie drak Amarilla (f)
Drak: Forest Jaryunha (f) from Acicade Castle

Quixha lifted her tail and a female forest drakling was revealed. Trying to catch the tail which had shielded her from the wind, the forest was dragged a few feet into the circle. Shaking her head she clambered up into a sitting position and showed of her teeth in a silly smile.
"Aimon!" she called, "I'm Jaryunha!"
"But you're a girl!" the rich merchant's son called out.
"So what, you're a boy."
Aimon sighed and tried to work out why he'd paired a forest of all colours.

Trained by High Prince Ryvon and Desert Jumyix
Knight and Defense training

Staying in Acicade wasn't a difficult decision for Aimon. He'd history there. Part of him still held on to the lost reality of inheriting his father's business. One day he'd face that reality, but for now it felt good to keep close to home. just in case.
"Ashicade isz nicze too." Jaryunha remarked.
"It is, isn't it?" Aimoin replied, "A bit too foresty than I'd prefer."
For that comment he got a slap on the head with Jaryunha's tail. Her fur softened the blow enough to not cause damage but the whack still hurt. Aimon just hadn't been able to keep himself from teasing his female forest drak. Though Jaryunha was a good match to his own personality, the fact that she was a girl still irked him somewhat. His first thoughts had been that he'd failed as a man when they'd paired. Not exactly the right attitude for raising a newborn drak.
"Now I won't tell you ze newzs."
"What news?"
"Someone'z coming." Jaryunha grinned, baring her teeth.
"Who!" Aimon asked.
"Not telling." Jaryunha called, getting up and running away, forgetting that she wasn't as small as a drakling anymore. She nearly crashed into a few people before she gave up and let herself be caught by her embarrassed, but happy knight.
"A friend of yours..." Jaryunha sighed, "Oh, she's there!"
Aimon turned around and saw a Marigan he'd enver seen before. She'd been slender as a teen, but her body had matured considerably. She still wore her hair long though which is how he recognised her. Once they'd fought hand and foot, but he'd really missed her when they'd gone off to different castles.
"I think I'm going to take a fanzy for that wonderful Earth." Jaryunha mused, "Kanasu I believe."
"Aimon!" Marigan called obscuring Jaryunha's words.
Unsuspecting, Aimon left to meet his old friend.

Aimon & Jaryunha joined the Opus II Armada as Trainers at Acicade castle
Life Mate: Earth Kanasu (Marigan)

The Others
Marigan - Aimon - Kerun - Tjenzina

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