Name: Marigan
Age: 15
Gender: female
Description: A slender, blond girl on her way to adulthood. Marigan likes to spend time on her appearance. She looks a lot sweeter and more obedient then she is in reality and knows that her features often get her out of trouble. They sometimes get her into them as well, but she has failed to notice that. She is a tomboy at heart and loves adventures, them being climbing trees and sneaking into the kitchens to steal sweets or reading and acting out city romances.
At present time Marigan is 19. She's paired a drak and has matured considerably. the tomboy sometimes still resurfaces, but a more quiet, serious character has taken the upper hand in her personality. She's very efficient and dependant, but can be as stubborn as a mule.
Family: Marigan is the youngest daughter in a family of 4 children. Both her parents, Martha (48) and Fuuren (50) are alive and work in service of one of Jagharta's wealthiest merchants. She has three older brothers, Onien (22) who works as a sailor, Senzai (20) who is studying as an apprentice smith and Kerun (17), her babysitter aka her only brother who is still in school trying to get his clerk's license.
Pets: Black Vulpa Airees (f)
Drak: Earth Kanasu (m) from Savannah Castle

Marigan had been looking at one egg. She curled her hair around her fingers and felt nervous. One egg hatched, a second egg hatched. Then That one egg that she'd kep a close eye on shattered in a million pieces and it revealed an Earth drak. The male drak went instantly towards the young girl.
"My name isssh Kanasu."
That was all. There was no need for anything else, and both of them went to the food table.

Trained by
Veerle and Fire Gri´kisdu
Defense Training

"I lived around Acicade once." Marigan sighed when the dry heat of Savannah Castle was getting too much to bear again. Day in day out it got to her. There was virtually no shade and every surface was burning hot.
"We sshould return." Kanasu remarked.
"Just like that?"
"Transzferring issn't hard." the earth drak shrugged, "I would like to train elzsewhere too. I've heard good thingsz about their ninshja armada."
"You're a defense drak!"
"Doezn't mean I wouldn't mind knowing to fight."
Marigan thought it over and decided that maybe the time was right to move back home. She'd spent about four years in Savannah, had paired a drak and trained to become a full-fledged knight. There was little more that could keep her here. Promotion maybe, but did she really want to stay here? In the heat? Promotion could be made anywhere.
"I might meet Aimon again if I go back." she mused.
"Who's Aimon?"
"The chubby stuck-up heir to my parents' boss' empire. I wonder how he fared. he paired too, or so I heard when Kerun last popped in to give me news."
The thought of her brother made her think of her home and she knew that she'd been out too long. She'd hardly visited her parents after she'd paired. Could she even remember the way her house looked? or how the sun descended over the sea?
"We leave today." she suddenly said.
Only five hours later the two of them were on their way to Acicade Castle. Kanasu opened a portal and emerged right above Acicade's courtyard. Construction had proceeded non-stop and the castle looked a lot better than when Marigan'd last visited it.
"I'm landing." Kanasu warned her.
"See anyone you recognise?" she asked her when the two of them were standing on firm ground.
Marigan turned around. She didn't think she saw Aimon. But one of the men in the courtyard looked like his father. Not surprising when you knew Sayren didn't mind having an extramarital adventure now and then. Still something familiar about the guy struck her. His air? The way he moved? Something made her think she shouldn't look further.
"Aimon?" she tried and the tall, well-built man turned around.
"He'z changed, haszen't he?" Kanasu remarked.
"You don't have to tell me that."
"His drak looks appealing as well." Kanasu chuckled, "Jaryunha, is it?"

Marigan and Kanasu joined the Aria Armada as Guards at Acicade
Kanasu found a Life Mate in Forest Jaryunha (Aimon)

The Others
Marigan - Aimon - Kerun - Tjenzina

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