Ylleina & Rain Darwysh

Name: Ylleina
Age: 24
Gender: female

Description: Ylleina isn't a woman who's appearance you'd envy. She comes off rather plain, with faded blue-grey eyes, a hair colour that's in between blond and brown and a body that's too muscled to be called feminine (well her millimetre hair cut doesn't help either). But she has a lovely open smile and a somewhat tomboyish air around her that tends to make people trust her
Personality: Ylleina loves trouble. She loves hearing about it, she loves causing it, generally if there isn't a fuss going on around her, Ylleina feels bored and neglected. There's always something interesting going on around her and she's at the heart of many a disturbance. But she can keep others under control, using their psyche to control them to her needs. It's this ability that also has her picking up aspirants on occasion and guarding the castle from unwanted visitors.
Hobbies: Causing Trouble, Playing Jokes, Drinking.

Occupation: Transporter of Acicade Castle (with sidejobs of being a Judge and a 'Guard' which basically means that if there's doubt about someone's intentions, they get to have a talk with Ylleina)
Family: Ylleina certainly caused her family some trouble and grievance, but when her parents lost their seashore fishing house in a storm, she prepared rooms for them at Acicade and without much consideration dragged them there so they'd have a roof above her head. Ina (40) and Yemen (41) moved out again recently though to set up a new store in Jagharta, along with their youngest child Saneh (14).
Pets: --


Name: Rain Darwysh
Age: Adult Drak, 8
Gender: female
Mate: --

Description: Darwysh enjoys her welcoming and transportation duties. She is a very sociable drak who loves to babble and does so every chance she gets. Silent, gloomy visitors beware.
Hobbies: Talking, Gossiping, Playing Tricks.