Name: Gert
Age: 16
Gender: male
Description: A handsome young man with brown hair, brown eyes and a tanned skin from being outside a lot. He's tried his hands at quite a few things to find something he'd be good at and has finally found his calling at a local bakery. He's awaiting his apprenticeship to help out the orphanage.
Orphanage: 15 years, after his mother died and his father was unable to be reached at sea. He was never claimed by anyone and thus remained at Fereyn.
Pets: none.
Drak: Ore Skawph (m) from Dun Keiba.

Nysyph urged her other children forward, and the Ore colored male was the one who obliged. He walked carefully up to the three males, only one of whom met his eyes.
"The one for me, Sskawph, iss you Gert. Are you sssure you want to be a baker now?"
"We'll have to see, Skawph," Gert said with a dashing smile. Aylene actually thought he'd make a fair Knight.

Trained by Aylene and Day Nysyph
Armada training

Gert fidgeted and tried to look calm. He failed. Behind him, his Ore drak Skawph looked amused. He knew it was an important day for his knight. Gert would be reunited with his love Louise after a year-long separation in which they'd raised their draks. There hadn't been time for dates, just letters passed weekly between them. He felt he knew everything about Louise and her drak Water Vyreduis.
"You will finally see her." Gert said, "I hope you like her."
"Vyreduis?" Skawph asked.
"Well her too, but Louise."
"Oh I like her. She'z very nize."
"Have you met her?"
"I've got to know her through her letters." Skawph shrugged.
"I see them!" Gert suddenly called as a water drak materialised just a short distance away.
Skawph looked hesitantly at the water drak. Up to a point all water draks were the same. He liked them enough, but could he love one? From the letters he'd gotten to know Vyreduis as a charming, quiet dragoness who held high morals such as respect and impartiality. But at the same time she loved to laugh and was a bit clumsy.
Skawph looked into the eyes of Vyreduis and waited as the brilliant green colours enveloped his mind. He could drown in her eyes. But before he could, she blinked bashfully and made an awkward sound.
Seeing that their knights were already heading toward the castle to catch up, Skawph closed in on Vyreduis. He definitely needed to get closer to her. he couldn't help it. He didn't even know if love at first sight existed. Was it even love at first sight when he felt he knew everything about this drak and when their knights were soul mates.
"Shall we get acquainted?" he asked.
Vyreduis nodded and followed Skawph as they too headed toward the castle.

Gert & Skawph joined the Opus I Armada as Trainers at Acicade
Life Mate: Water Vyreduis (Louise)

the Others:
Jefke - Louise - Elza - Margharet - Ignace - Rohn - Gert

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