Name: Margharet
Age: 14
Gender: female
Description: Margharet, with her hazel eyes and messy brown hair, is a real tomboy. She can often be found outside playing with her friends and various animals. She has a big mouth and a sneaky attitude that often keeps her from getting into trouble after she's pulled the umpteenth stunt.
Orphanage: niece of the old nurse, taken in while her parents are off at sea.
Pets: Spider Rani (m)
Drak: Rain Gegrunsh (f) from Acicade Castle.

The rain finally, snapped as a Plant male from Warencha's clutch, made his way into the light. She'd have to wait for both a Fire and a Night to go out before her, not to mention all those other draklings that had paired before them. Though she had wanted to stretch her decision a bit longer, she could not wait any longer. She lunged forth and nearly threw Margharet of her feet, who thanks to being up against the wall, merely had to lean back to keep upright.
"Woah!" she said, "Who are you and what do you want?"
"I'm yoursss... of coursz." the drakling said, "My name isz Gegrunsh."

Trained by Ylleina and Rain Darwysh
Knight Training

Margharet was outside tending to her draks and spider, two entities that didn't exactly mesh well. Maybe because the spider liked to crawl in Gegrunsh' hair while Gegrunsh only wanted to smash it under her feet, when she saw one of the new arrivals.
Dru, she thought his name was. He'd come to Acicade only last week. He was a local boy, coming from one of the castles around Acicade, but he'd been judged at Drockh-Tallahn and had paired his drak there.
"Plant Naelos." Gegrunsh told her rider.
"You're so good with names." Margharet sighed, "I'm only good with nicknames. And sadly I can't use those with General Stubble."
General Stubble being the Riku, a judge but also the one to help train the draklings. Nobody really liked his training since it was hard and he had a real bad temper if you talked back. Margharet had a big mouth and often used it before she could think about it.
"He's one to keep in check." Gegrunsh told her knight, "He's well-built and strong. I like his attitude as well."
Margharet actually heared a purr leave Gegrunsh' mouth.
"You cannot like him."
"Oh but I do..."
And at that time Naelos looked at Gegrunsh and flapped his wings.
"He likes me too."
"How do you know that?"
"He just asked me to mate."
"Just like that?"

Margharet and Gegrunsh joined the Opus I Armada.
Gegrunsh found a lifemate in Plant Naelos (Knight: Dru)

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