Name: Rohn
Age: 13
Gender: male
Description: Rohn stands out in a crowd because oh his length and his neck-long bright red hair (I'm talking carrot red here). He has deep indigo-blue eyes and a dimpled smile that he doesn't show often enough. As a person he's introverted to the point of neurosis and usually dependant on his best friend Jefke to tell the others what he needs.
Orphanage: 13 years, mother, a prostitute, died at childbirth.
Pets: ---
Drak: Day Upsbenar (f) from Dawn Castle.

It was night when the two draks announced the birth of their draklings. Rohn rose with a nervous energy and rushed to the deep cavern, trying not to trip over his clothes and the discarded belongings of the others who were heading for the mind pair. The moon shone brightly and the air was warm and soft, pleasant for the time of year.
When Rohn arrived in the deep cavern, slightly winded but too excited to notice, he could hardly see anything. The lighting, adjusted with dramatic flair lighted only a single spot. Rohn did not know if he should go there and honestly he didn't want to. Luckily though, Nelladuar, Chrischisen and their knights took place on both sides of the light, forming a pathway. Rohn knew instantly that he could stay in the comforting darkness.
Finally something stirred in the shadows. All 5 of them leaned forward as the first drakling came into the light. It was a day drak like her father. The little day went streight towards Rohn, the youngest of the bunch. She gave a slimey lick in Rohn's face, revealing her sharp teeth as she smiled at her new bond.
"Upsbenar!" Nelladuar called.
The little day drak hid herself behind Rohn. Rohn smiled, showing his dimples. He gently guided the drak away from the warm sands.

Trained by Wim and Mud Fregiki
Knight Training

Meeting each other for the first time in two years meant that both boys felt rather insecure and nervous. It had taken their draks this long to mature enough to fly with a knight on their back. Before they had not been able to leave their draks behind to venture across the seas to meet up. Mail had pssed furiously between them so they knew of most changes in their lives and the lives of the others that had lived with them in the orphanage. But now they'd both asked to transfer back to Acicade Castle, the castle closest to their former home, to finish their squire-ships in.
It was Jefke who arrived first, he'd come from the nearby Castle Descas with his drak Mud Ahnkara and hadn't even bothered to make a portal since flying'd be faster. Rohn and his drak Day Upsbenar appeared in the Southern sky only 10 minutes later. They landed and both boys had to look closely to make sure. They'd grown like weeds in the three years they'd been apart and they could no longer be called children. Jefke, though still slender and short, had gained some muscle and looked less fragile than before. Rohn had grown even more and had gained a lanky air with his long limbs. His red hair was as noticable as before. It was Jefke, like always, who made the first move. He stepped toward his friend and hugged him.
"It's been too long." he said.
"Yes." Rohn said, his voice cracking a bit with the emotion.
Out of their sights a meeting of  whole different kind took place. The gentle day drak and the uptight mud drak seemed to find something they lacked in each other and soon they two stood close together, enjoying the feeling of just being together.

Rohn and Upsbenar joined the Opus II Armada as Judges
Upsbenar found a lifemate in Mud Ahnkara (Knight: Jefke)

the Others:
Jefke - Louise - Elza - Margharet - Ignace - Rohn - Gert

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