Name: Dru
Age: 14
Gender: male
Description: With their identical faces, heights and temperament the twins Dru and Navim are hard to distinguish from each other. They have spiky brown hair, mischievous brown eyes and a gutsy attitude. They are together most of the time and enjoy fooling people with all kinds of tricks. They are also typical 14-year old boys meaning they have started to notice girls, but don't know how to approach them. They act big, but still need to be reassured occasionally and no hair on their head will ever think of admitting that they were wrong or needed protection.
Pets: none
Drak: Plant Naelos (m) from Drockh-Tallahn (forum)

Meraidt and Yumiel, the two mother draks watched over their draklings. The aspirants had already gathered inside and some were playing with the draklings. Soon after the draklings started to announce their decisions.
A clumsy male plant drakling was following one of the male aspirants. Dru looked down to see what he kept stumbling over, and grinned when he saw the drakling. "Do you want to come with me, Naelos?" he asked.
"Yep. Why do you think I've been following you arrrround?" Naelos replied.

Trained by Mermastien & Night Roekran
Knight and Judge Training

Dru was busy exploring the surroundings of his new home, castle Acicade when he noticed something was off with Naelos. Though his drak was a plant-type and thus liked to fool around as much as his knight, usually the two of them agreed upon WHEN to goof off.
"What's wrong?" Dru asked.
"Nothing." Naelos said.
"You can't fool me. I know you, remember?"
Naelos sighed and then turned around, leaving his rider baffled. Dru tried to find the reason of this sudden mystery, but all he saw was a young female knight who was trying to keep her rain drak from murdering a spider. Most likely her pet.
"Gegrunsh." Naelos said.
"What?" Dru asked thinking his drak had sneezed.
"That's her name. Gegrunsh."
Naelos looked at the rain drak again and this time she looked back. Quickly Naelos flapped his wings in a gesture that Dru could only describe as vainly showing off his wings.
"What did you just do?"
"Ask for her permission to become life mates."
"Just like that?!"
Naelos sighed happily and said: "Of course. Don't you feel she is right for me?"
"Humans don't have instincts like that. What if I don't like her rider at all? I'll have to spend considerable time around her if you two decide to mate up." Dru whined.
"Gegrunsh is a rain. Of course you'll like her knight Margharet."
"Such an old-sounding name."
"Hush. They're coming..."

Dru and Naelos joined the Opus I Armada
Naelos found a lifemate in Rain Gegrunsh (Knight: Margharet)

the Others:
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