Name: Louise
Age: 17
Gender: female
Description: Louise is of medium built, with long blond hair, soft brown eyes and a freckled face. She's rather shy and self-conscious which has kept her in house doing chores for most of her life. She's very caring and warm to people she knows and loves.
Orphanage: 15 years since being abandonned by her mother.
Pets: Vulpa Zara (f) and Day Faerie Laos (m)
Drak: Water Vyreduis (f) from Savannah Castle.

It had been late at night when the call to move the aspirants came. Louise followed the others outside and calmly waited for the mother drak to move out of the deep cavern. The wait took a long time and with the hour being so late, the savannah night closed in rapidly, bringing with it a cool breeze that was refreshing at first but soon became chilly.
Finally though, Earth Aardenis came out, her draklings strudding behind her. Louise had to wait quite a while before the drakling that was meant for her was pushed forward. But she just knew that that little water was hers. It seemed to be shivering as it spoke,
"Will you make me a sweater?"
The female drak asked sweetly towards Louise "I'm cold.. It was so nice and warm inside my shell.."
"I don't think I can, but we'll see what we can do." Louise hugged the drak and looked at Aardenis.
"Vyreduis" The mother drak said.

Trained by Sarah and Earth Aardenis (f)
Basic Training with extra focus on healing

Louise worked diligently on her training, trying to make the time pass faster. She and Gert had promised to return as close to the orphanage as they could. In reality this meant they'd be joining Acicade Castle as soon as their draks were adults.
"You really like thisz human?" Vyreduis asked.
"He's the best person I ever met." Louise answered with a sad smile on her face, "He was the reason the sun rose in the morning. I stayed in the orphanage for him even if I was old enough to leave. I just couldn't imagine life without him."
"When did you promise to meet?"
"Next week." Louise sighed, "It will be our first meeting since we paired."
"That'z long."
"Well I couldn't leave you and neither could he leave Skawph. When you could fly their were chores. It couldn't be helped."
"I wonder if I'd like this Skawph..."
"I hope you will, but I won't mind if you don't. You're free to choose your own love."
Vyreduis closed her eyes and wondered if the feelings of her knight wouldn't influence hers even when the bond between drak and knight was relatively weak. With feelings as strong as these it wouldn't be a surprise if they carried over. In her mind's eye she could already see the Ore drak named Skawph. She knew him from Louise's stories as well as she knew Gert. And Vyreduis didn't dislike what she saw.

Louise & Vyreduis joined the Opus I Armada as Medics at Acicade
Life Mate: Ore Skawph (Gert)

the Others:
Jefke - Louise - Elza - Margharet - Ignace - Rohn - Gert

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