Name: Elza
Age: 14
Gender: female
Description: Elza has curly platinum-blond hair that she usually keeps loose and neatly combed. She's well developped for her age and has a wishy washy personality that will most likely get her into trouble one day. She's usually busy with her looks or her boyfriend and spares little thought for the consequences of her actions.
Orphanage: Lived in the nearby village until she was 6. Both her parents died from illness.
Pets: Chocolate-Brown Vulpa Fondant (m)
Drak: Wind Quixha (f) from Acicade.

The second female that had stepped into the light, didn't like all the attention her sister was getting, she too unfurled her wings, displaying a deep indigo blue. She was a Wind and damnit, everyone should look at her!
In her tantrum, the Wind forgot to look around and nearly ran over the young Icarian woman that had come from Fereyn Orphanage. The young woman, a girl still, was called Elza and that was the first thing the Wind called out when she tried to untangle herself from the mass of legs and arms that she found herself in.
"Elza! Whatsz the hell are yous doing?"
"Trying to get free." the girl gruffed, "What are you doing?"
"I'm the one that'zs going to get usss free... you Zstop!"
"Fine." Elza sighed, letting the drak work her way up first, muffling up her clothes along with it. Getting a drak was a pain like that Aruno guy had told her. At least she'd gotten a pretty one.
"You better believe I'm pretty." the drak called out, "I've got a lovely name too, it'szss Quixha."
"Very modern." Elza remarked dryly.

Trained by High Princess Kharone and Forest Warencha
Knight and Judge training.

Days followed days and months turned to years. The children from Feryen orphanage could no longer be called children. As young adults most of their childish exhuberance had been tamed. Though in some cases a bit of their old characters remained. Ignace still loved ninjas for instance and he still dreamed of one day joining their armada and completing secret missions. But he'd gotten more level-headed. That day might not come after all. He had a wife now and a baby on the way. Maybe they would prefer him to stay close in the castle training the young pairs like he'd been doing the past year.
"Dreaming?" Elza asked him as she entered the room.
She too had grown. She'd become more pecious in his eyes than the time he'd first started to love her. And though she still had the tendency to look more at outwardly appearance, lately she'd learned to take not of people's intentions and good sides. This of course had proved to be quite useful. It was with her recent skills handy that she asked him:
"You want me to be happy right?"
"As happy as i can make you."
"Well there's this open spot on the deep cavern mating table...

Elza & Quixha joined the Opus I armada at Acicade
Quixha found a life mate in Desert Orashun (Knight: Ignace)

the Others:
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