Name: Ignace
Age: 14
Gender: male
Description: Ignace, though still young, already displays some traits of the heart-breaker he's no doubt going to turn in to. He has dark hair, dark brown eyes that nearly look black, the slightest of tans that makes him look healthy (without being dark enough to make him look like a laborour) and a lean build that will always make him look like an adolescent. Person-wise he misses a father figure to take him under his wing, if the right person takes charge of him he'll turn out alright, if the wrong person does so however...
Orphanage: mother gave him up after his father left her and she had no place to go.
Pets: none
Drak: Desert Orashun (m) from Acicade.

The other two draklings, both from Darwysh' clutch looked at the two remaining aspirants and decided without much arguing who would get which human.
The Wind female decided to go after the airheaded earth woman and immediately the two of them started up a conversation about dyeing their hair pink... or purple... or blue, Ignace all found it hard to follow and well, just plain scary to listen to. The desert male too looked in shock at those words and hurriedly made way toward Ignace, "You're not going to dye me, right? I love brown!" he called, "Oh and my name is Orashun." he added when his dam snorted her disapproval.
"Nah, pink is for girls." Ignace said, "I don't want a girly drak. I want one that's tough and a ninja!"
"Oooh... that sounds like fun!"

trained by: Aruno and Earth Defaya (m)
Ninja training

Days followed days and months turned to years. The children from Feryen orphanage could no longer be called children. As young adults most of their childish exhuberance had been tamed. Though in some cases a bit of their old characters remained. Ignace still loved ninjas for instance and he still dreamed of one day joining their armada and completing secret missions. But he'd gotten more level-headed. That day might not come after all. He had a wife now and a baby on the way. Maybe they would prefer him to stay close in the castle training the young pairs like he'd been doing the past year.
"Dreaming?" Elza asked him as she entered the room.
She too had grown. She'd become more pecious in his eyes than the time he'd first started to love her. And though she still had the tendency to look more at outwardly appearance, lately she'd learned to take not of people's intentions and good sides. This of course had proved to be quite useful. It was with her recent skills handy that she asked him:
"You want me to be happy right?"
"As happy as i can make you."
"Well there's this open spot on the deep cavern mating table..."

Ignace and Orashun joined the Opus II armada as Trainers at Acicade.
Orashun found a life mate in Wind Quixha (Knight: Elza)

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